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Monday, April 6, 2009

Ed, again. And my weekend.

Yesterday while visiting at the Bunting's, Ed went and stuck his hands/arms up Uncle Karl's diesel truck's exhaust pipe. It wasn't hot, but WAS very, very dirty. Jocelyn came up right behind me and took Jessie, and said something like "Oh, Karrie." I take him into the house, strip off his favorite, favorite shirt (pictured above) and as I'm lathering him up with dish soap, he looks at me, smiles, and begins singing "I am a child of God, lead me, guide me, walk beside me." He went back outside, shirtless, and stuck his arms up the pipe AGAIN. This time I told him there was a big hairy spider up that pipe that will bite his hands if he puts them in there. He just looked at his hands and said, "But, but- I wub my hands!"

I made it to the temple on Friday night. Will managed to throw up the two bowls of macaroni and cheese on Kacy on the way down. I had Jocelyn go with me, and it was fun. It was nice to be able to talk without kids interrupting. Good thing she has four boys- she was a good sport about the puke smell in the car. We got back to Bako around 12:30, where I stayed at Ryan's parents' house. (And off topic- I apologize for the possessive apostrophe misuse. I'm pretty sure it's wrong. And my use of parenthesis... atrocious, I know.) I was kind of dreading staying the night because I just do not sleep well in other places. I tossed. I turned. I sighed. I kept reminding myself that I didn't sleep much the night prior because of the wind, and I should be asleep! Asleep I say! But I had a problem. Her name is Kacy, and I will never sleep in the same bed as her again. She poked. She kicked. She kept touching me- and then she peed on me. I'm pretty sure I was asleep when she did it, because it took me a full five minutes to figure out why my shirt was wet. I felt my own pajama pants (you never know...), thought I might have been sweating profusely (it could happen), and then I felt the sheets. That girl has not wet the bed since I don't know when- maybe never. Seriously. I got a towel and laid it down on the bed and slept on it until 7am, when everyone was up and making pancakes. The breakfast was great.
We came home ASAP, where Jessie ran a really high fever and slept most of the day, I was as grumpy as I could be, half our window order came in (pictures soon), and Ryan just left me alone because he knew. I took a two hour nap, and amazingly enough, the kids took a three hour nap. the three hours isn't amazing, but the fact that they fell asleep so fast was.
Today we went to Ridgecrest to turn in a materials list for a lumber bid. I let the kids play at McDonald's for about an hour- they loved it, and they were all really good! Jessie was really happy to just sit on my lap and watch and point. It was- dare I say- a happy, enjoyable, RELAXING experience! No one got stuck up in the tallest tower like last year, where a very claustrophobic mommy had to do lots of deep breathing/visualization to get her third born out of the play place. Augh, makes me uncomfortable even thinking about it.


  1. Karrie, it is late and I am loopy, but having read your post more than once (mostly just the parathetical remarks for which you appologize) let me assure you, the possessive apostrophe was used correctly.

    "Ryan's parents' house" would be the house belonging to the parents (more than one) of Ryan. Completely proper... and totally makes sense (yes, I just used a horrible fragment sentence). You must have thought it incorrect because so often apostrophes are used improperly.

    Apostrophes are essentially the red-headed step-children of grammar -- used with apathetic, wanton, recklessness... if they are used at all.

  2. Wow, Willow, that was way to much info this early in the morning. Karrie, sounds like you had your hands full!

  3. Karrie, I have NO room to speak about grammer misuse at all, so I won't! It was great to see you Friday night and I can TOTALLY empathize about the whole peed on thing ... I still haven't gotten past it. I think it is amazing that Ed can frustrate you (or anyother adult minding him) to the point of potential strangulation and then just smile or sing and remind us all that he does have a really sweet spirit. I look forward to watching him grow (assuming he survives the year of course) and then teasing him about it later in life ...

  4. While I was gone this weekend Caleb stuck his hand down one of the holes in the truck bed that are supposed to be for tie downs, there are smaller holes down there that are perfect for little fingers (who knew). He got a finger stuck and Danny had to pull his arm to get it out. He scraped off a ring of skin... and it didn't even faze Caleb. I think he would do it again if he got the chance. I'm pretty sure it's a boy thing, and Ed's story actually made me feel better!

  5. Karrie, I have a friend that loves your blog. She also reads Jimmy's blog and thinks it is so funny. She asked me the other day if you were related to Jimmy because he reminds her of Ed! I think you will have your hands full for a long time. You'll have to get used to shaking your head and throwing up your hands.