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Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter 2009

Jessie ran a 102 fever most of the day. Yuck. She was pleasant though. Cute dress! She didn't hunt eggs, but she enjoyed some chocolate.
Ed- he hunted eggs before he was supposed to, cried when he was told no, hunted his eggs really fast, scarfed down Starbursts, and ended the day without a shirt. What can I say?
Will puked up a whole cupcake. Nice!
Kacy had a great time! In fact, I didn't see much of her because she was so busy with cousins.
Nice hat, Spencer! For the record, it makes my heart feel super happy when kids put buckets on their heads and think nothing of it. Maybe because sometimes I wish I could wear a bucket on my head...
Grandpa was nice enough to blow up balloons for the kids, which isn't that remarkable. The REMARKABLE thing about it is that he was WILLING to blow them up after the kids had already tried. Kid spit and all. I would have said no. (But I'll probably do the same for my grandkids.)

After the Bunting's for an egg hunt, we went to my grandma's house to eat dinner and visit. I wish I could relax when I'm supposed to be visiting; it is nearly impossible to be at ease with my kids running around other peoples' houses. I'm constantly worried about them breaking something, dialing the phone to China, leaving the yard, or getting something stuck up their nose. Take the above worries, put them after a three hour stint in church, and throw in lots of chocolate (and a soon-to-be puked up cupcake or two), and we have a spastic momma who has trouble carrying on a decent conversation without extreme sassiness coming through.

At least it was better than the day before. If the days keep getting better in these small increments, I should be great again by Thursday.

*Note to self: please remember to get cute matching outfits for the girls, and coordinating shirts for the boys next year. It's just too, too cute- you slacker. And, please think about this in January, not the Friday before. Thank-you.


  1. You could come by and we could just send the kids out back. The gate is locked, the garage is locked. We just need to take the knob off the faucet and make sure they are in grubbies because my backyard, well it resembles yours. LOL! Then you could converse and not be sassy. Happy Easter. Love Ya Girly.

  2. The only reason why my boys got matching ties, was because my Mom called on Wednesday and asked what to get the boys for Easter. I told her I needed ties, because the Gymboree boy spring line is hideous--seriously the first thing I have never like from there! She went to Kohl's and immediately found 3 different ties, and I told her I wanted the yellow ones, because they both have white shirts and blue pants to go with. She bought them and mailed them with McD's gift cards!! They were thrilled, and we will be spending the gift bucks this week. I was a minimalist this year honestly. I have really begun asking myself is it really important to be it all, all the time--no! Sanity wins everytime! You are doing a fabulous job, sounds like your kids had a great day with family. I hope everyone is recovering today! Take Care!

  3. I love ED!!! You need to make that boy his own blog, Ed's life!!! That's exciting enough for anyone.

  4. I found this website today and it totally reminded me of you. http://thepioneerwoman.com/

  5. The last two years I have bought Julia's dress for Easter in July. And then she begs to wear it for the next 8-9 months. Not sure how long I'll keep that up though. :) Love Jessie's dress-too cute!

  6. I realized lastnight that probably every woman in the world has seen that site. Boy am I an idiot.