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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lulu publishing

It that time of year for me to publish my blog into a hardbound book. I'm actually a little late doing it, but with being a little house bound and lethargic, I finally got bored enough to do it. I enjoy it, don't get me wrong. It's just that there always seemed to be something else that could have been done. Today there were no more excuses. I've been copying/pasting for an hour, and I'm half-way through last year. I posted a lot last year! Here are some of my thoughts about the blog:

*I have determined that as an organized mother, I fail. I read LAST year's Easter post, and it said something like "Next year maybe we will have coordinating clothes..." That's what I said THIS year!
*I have a hard time with the whole "blog" thing. I love to read blogs, but I'm not a blogger. I just need to stick with what my ultimate goal is: a journal of our life events and a way for friends/family to stay informed of our happenings.
*Sometimes I blog so much that I have nothing to talk about at social gatherings. Everyone already know the interesting stories or funny events.
*I have a love/hate relationship with comments. I hate how there is a part of me who wants to be all popular and wonders why no one leaves comments. I hate that I even think that- but yet, sometimes I wonder. And then I tell myself (because I talk to myself A LOT-I'm my own best friend-and worst enemy...) "Who cares? I'm not writing for anyone but my little family." Publishing this last year has reminded me of my purpose. Whew! No more stress trying to be clever!
*I should edit. Really, I am a good writer and know most of the grammar rules and how to spell. I just get in a hurry. (I am editing for mistakes before publishing!)
*My favorite posts are of things my kids said or did. I know these will be family favorites when they have kids and I pull out the book and say, "Here, come see what your dad did!" (To Ed's kids.)

I really so enjoy reading all those fun, informative, entertaining blogs. But I think my favorites are just the everyday happenings of people I know.

Now, back to work! We are without a remote control. Ryan accidently sent ours to Bakersfield and went to get it back today. We've been stuck on a Disney channel, and I'm am about sick of "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody." Cute show, but only for one episode at a time.

Marcie- open up a new Word document, format your pages to 8.25X10.75 with .5" margins top and bottom, and .6 for the sides. Start copying/pasting. Check in with ya later on this one- I know we said we'd do this in April. April is almost over!


  1. I love reading your blog.It's very entertaining. At some point down the line I may have to ask how to go about publishing... hopefully it isn't very complicated!

  2. Have you used Lulu before? I'd love you to show a pic of your book and tell a bit about the process. i was thinking of trying it, but I'd been looking at blurb.com

  3. By the way, it drives me crazy when I start telling a story and someone stops me to say... I know, I read it on your blog!! I suddenly cannot think of any original thoughts.

  4. I used lulu last year and i love it. I tried blurb this year because it looked so easy, what with their booksmart thing and all. It doesn't take my 72px pics though, and most of mine are low res for uploading purposes. It really is easy!

  5. My goal for May, or June is to at least publish one year of my blog. Maybe two. I am already so behind and this is what happens with photo albums, I got too far behind and never get around to doing it.

  6. Did I say we would do the copying/pasting thing this April? ha ha I started to finish (doesn't sound right) last years posts and I am really close to being done. I will finish hopefully this week and then we will have to get together. I love your blog so keep up with it. I will even listen to you tell me the story even if I already read it because it usually is very entertaining and worth listening/reading twice