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Saturday, April 11, 2009

One of those days...

I'm glad today is almost over. It's not been a great day. I think a combination of things is contributing to my foul mood:
*I stayed up LATE last night reading. *I didn't sleep well while I was asleep. *I woke up to Ed who peed through his pull-up last night, soaking the sheet and mattress pad (and the mattress). *Jessie's diaper exploded up her back requiring a bath for her and a good long hand wash for me. *Ryan had a church activity (paintball, anyone?) at our house with 50 other guys, so I didn't see him for the second straight day. *Will has been throwing a very demanding attitude around. "I need this." "I need that." "Right now, Mom." *Ed pooped in his pants again today. *I did two loads of laundry. *I made two loaves of bread. *I made two 8x8 cakes and am in the process of trying to make cake balls again. *Trying to cook in my trailer is a joke right now. Who am I kidding? *The kids have been going non-stop- fighting, yelling, arguing, or playing together nicely while making huge messes. *Will woke up from his nap soaking wet. Oh yes, the other sheet hasn't even been washed yet, and the new one gets wet. Nice. *Dinner was a cacophony of voices whining "I want bread!" "I haven't had dessert yet!" "I need a drink!" "Ed stole my olives!"

But you know what? I'm so HAPPY! In less than 10 minutes they will be laying on their beds, trying to fall asleep. And it'll be over. At least for today. And I'll get to go to sleep and maybe get some sleep I need, because when I don't get it, I'm a grouch. A pessimist. I hate my trailer. I barely tolerate my kids. I eat too much. I get a headache. I don't even want to be around myself! Good thing there is a fresh start tomorrow. May tomorrow be... more calming, and a little less centered around the bodily functions of those around me.


  1. We all have those days Karrie. I try and keep a positive attitude by thinking, "some day I'll miss all of this". At least that what every "mature" woman tells me when they see me struggling in the grocery store.

  2. You need to send your script of everyday life to Hollywood. It would make the best sitcom/reality TV/ Animation Domination/Drama/Comedy this country ever heard of. I would be a faithful watcher. No wait, I could be the director/producer. We’d all make millions. What do you think? Of course that’s just one persons opinion.

  3. I'm sorry you had a crummy day yesterday. It all sounding so familiar. Hope today was better and you had a nice Easter.

    Happy Anniversary BTW.

  4. I agree with Papa Randy... I would watch it! But actually, can I be one of the writers? We'll take your life and add a few snippets of mine... whadd'ya say?

    Let me know how the spray tan turns out... I went to the tanning salon a dozen or so times the last month and I'm tan in patches. (Plus it takes too much time and commitment).