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Monday, April 27, 2009

A picture of myself.

Kacy took this picture of me. Since it isn't half bad, I wanted to memorialize myself. Here I am, a age almost 32. Whatever. I have self diagnosed myself as having bronchitis. I had a time in my childhood where I had it frequently (that, and tonsillitis). I am feeling mostly okay. I am a little more tired than normal, have a mild fever that comes and goes, a slight burning in my chest, and the wonderful nasty tasting stuff that comes up when I cough. My voice and throat are out of whack, too! I did not go running today because I AM smart enough to know my personal history of bronchial asthma, and I'd really rather breathe, thank-you very much. I have an arsenal of pediatric antibiotics in the fridge, all bubble-gum flavored, and will self medicate. I think. I'll try to find dosing charts on the Internet.
Yesterday I spoke in church for my allotted 15 minutes. The bishop asked me if I was nervous about it. I replied, "Naw, I've humiliated myself in front of all of these people when I did the play. I'm good, actually." It's the truth. Nothing like performing in a play to wipe out any remaining pride after having numerous gynecological procedures/examinations. (Sorry, guys. But you honestly have the doctor visit thing EASY-PEASY.)
I am also planning our summer. Right now it's including trips to the library (I think is maturing a little every day and this may work out), writing journals (on a kindergarten and first grade level) and other various field trips. A low-key, low stress thing, but I've kind of decided to go ahead and finish teaching Kacy how to read this summer, and Will needs some fine motor skill practice with a pencil. We are also going to do swim lessons (I'm teaching them myself at my parents' pool. It'll involve tears, I know!) and maybe some trips to the lake. I have a crazy friend who wants to run in the lake for physical training, and it sounds kind of fun. The lake up here is really shallow and more of a puddle because of the unstable dam situation. We will see. We may just sit around in our swim suits and eat Otter-pops all summer.


  1. You are so dang pretty! I've always admired your beautiful hair, skin and teeth. Really not fair!

    Sorry that you and the kids are sick. NO fun! Running with bronchitis is HORRIBLE! I can't run if I have any type of cold symptoms.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I really like this picture. I wanted to say something else clever when I first saw it but that was a couple days ago and my work computer (shh!) was having issues and wouldn't let me read or write comments and now I can't remember.
    I hope you are all feeling better soon!