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Monday, April 20, 2009

Randomness, part 543

I have lots of randomness. For the record, I have never used the phrase "That's so random!" I don't like how it trivializes the idea of being "random." Here is my randomness, in no particular order:
  • Saturday after the airshow was a fun party at the Bunting's. LOTS of people there. I had a good visit. The highlight was seeing cousin David v. the hundred kids in a tug-o-war. David won. It was actually like 15 kids, but it seemed like 100. None of my pictures were any good. :(
  • Kacy saw her first half-dressed-women-filled add on Friday when I took the kids to McDonald's for ice-cream sundaes. How to explain how sex sells beer to a six year old? She observed that the lady looked liked she was exercising, but her clothes started falling off. I just said "Oh, ya- she better go get a new shirt! Let's go." Because in my head I was all feminist crazy lady, thinking "Well, honey, get used to the idea that men are attracted to naked women, and that sex sells EVERYTHING, and it's not fair, and blah, blah, blah stupid Barbie and diets and being a girl... how am I suppose to effectively tell my daughter that personality matters more than looks when she is so dang observant and body conscience already?" (insight into my twisted train of thought...) this from the girl who asked me a week ago how to get a flat stomach. Yikes.
  • I like to watch "Wizards of Waverly Place."
  • I have been told a few times by different people (guys, actually) that I should "monetize" my blog. Making money from something I do anyway sounds great, but then it seems like I'd be an actual blogger, and I'm not one. And, if I thought I was a blogger, it would be instant pressure to be witty or funny or to take better pictures or have opinions. But, a little fun money might be nice. I'm torn. Maybe I'll go watch Wizards and make hot dog octopi for dinner.


  1. I like the Wizards of Waverly Place too, but none of my boys watch it anymore!

  2. I had ads on my blog for one day... I couldn't handle the pressure. I caved and removed them. Your blog is good though, I say go for it!