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Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Sad Case for Pants

Saggy bottom, no fit at the waist, and holey. When he runs, he holds up one corner of his britches so they don't end up around his ankles. These got wet and heavy- he was struggling. My family has pants problems in general. Some of the problem is with fit, and other problem is with where we live. Summer is approaching, but my kids can't do shorts and sandals for safety reasons. Cacti and all manner of critter make for leg coverings as essentials. But, Kacy COULD wear something summery to school, and the boys COULD wear shorts when we go to town. My mom insists that I buy them at least one outfit of shorts for when she sees us, because it makes her sweat just looking at them in boots and jeans.
Ryan- needs a higher-rise-than-is-trendy right now, with a wider leg bottom. No distressing or whiskering or any of that stuff.
Me- I'm good for now. I could use one cute capri/nice shirt/cute shoe combo for summer baby showers. Otherwise, I'm super happy with my sloppy/athletic look.
Kacy- Right now wears a 7 regular. Owns no shorts. Pants getting too small. Shopping on the horizon. Ugh.
Will- Except for the fact that he is a SLIM, he is doing okay is pants. He wears 6 slims, and they HAVE to slim, or else they fall off. Even the pants with the adjustable waists do no good.
Ed- No slim here! Which isn't nice that he can't wear Will's pants as hand-me-downs. He is a 4 regular right now.
Jessie- She received some very cute outfits for her birthday, none of which I am going to let her wear unless we are going out. She needs some plain jeans so when she crawls in the dirt (because she does) her pants will come clean in the wash.

I'm going to have to go buy some summer clothes pretty soon. Making this list has helped me to see what I need and what sizes. I hate shopping. Why? I don't like spending money on clothes. I don't like driving to the store in traffic. I don't like rummaging through the racks only to finally find something that looks appropriate, and then find that the size I need is not there. I DO, however, like going to Tractor Supply, where Ryan last bought our kids some pants. That, I think I can handle. (Not very many people there, and they have other cool stuff to look at.)


  1. I have a friend that buys her kids' summer clothes at the goodwill. She figures why spend all that $ on brand new stuff when you can get great used stuff for cheap. Now that I have so many kids this is something I think I will try. Maybe get a couple cute outfits for when we need to look oh so cute and fancy and then goodwill all the play clothes. I went to the Tulare outlets this last weekend and they were having awesome sales at Carters.

  2. I love going to tractor supply! I always feel crafty when I am there...I try to figure out what I can make with rope and buckets and other cool stuff they have there.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tractor Supply. And you might check out Small Change or My Sister's Closet, they are second hand stores that will also buy your kids outgrown clothes. Small Change is on the east side by Cindy's cafe. I get my kids play clothes there, after selling off their outgrown ones.

  4. Shop online!!! E-bay has great deals on name brand stuff! Besides if you know there size and what they need it saves you gas, and the headache of taking the kids or getting a babysitter, etc, etc. I have grown to love Amazon and free shipping!

  5. I know Sami has some cute jeans size 7, maybe 8 that are still in good condition that just don't fit. She went through a growth spurt. Not to mention summer cloths and shirts that have just gotten a tad short for them. I will have them go through and weed out the crap from the good for her. SOON!