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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Say what?

I think there is a name for the phenomenon that occurs when you misinterpret the lyrics of a song and substitute your own. My favorite example of this is very famous- a Jimmy Hendrix song that goes like this: "Excuse me, while I kiss the sky." (I think.) It can very easily be heard as "Excuse, while I kiss this guy." Say what? There are so many I've done personally I can't even begin to remember. Ed has one- we listen to a song called "What I Like About You" by Lillix. Well, it's covered by Lillix, the original band is The Romantics. Part of it says, "Keep on whispering in my ear. Tell me all the things that I wanna hear. 'Cause it's true, that what I like about you!" Ed sings, "Keep on whispering in my ear, Thomas and James is what I wanna hear!"
(Thomas and James from "Thomas the Tank Engine")
I took us to the doctor yesterday, and here is the outcome:
Jessie- ear infection.
Karrie- ear infection, bronchitis
Kacy-ear infection, tonsil something, and lung something that isn't yet pneumonia, but was heading that way.
We are all on antibiotics. I got another inhaler, and I think I'm extra sensitive to albuterol. A couple of memories come to mind when I take it, and I start to twitch a bit. As a teen I had a breathing treatment once at the doctor, and the room started to sound hollow and my head felt all floaty. My mom unzipped her purse and it scared me to death and I started crying. My heart was all fast... it was horrible. With my little inhaler (I try to deny the fact that I have asthma...) I felt a little twitchy, and then last night while trying to fall asleep, I was going crazy because I could feel every one of my leg hairs touching my pajamas. I probably just should have shaved... It wore off after about an hour. I will go and look this up on the Internet and see if it's a real problem or if it's in my head. We all feel better. Kacy should be able to go to school tomorrow. I'm at about 60% of my normal, and anticipate being at 100% by Sunday. That whole breathing thing... more important than I remembered.


  1. Caleb hasa favorite song right now called "Jesus Wants Me For a Sunscreen". Everyone being sick at once stinks. At least it's not the Swine Flu! Albuterol is freaky, Ryan had to have a breathing treatment when he was about 3 months old and after I could see his little body vibrating. I don't think it's all in your head.

  2. That is SO funny about Ed and the lyrics...that made me laugh!

  3. First... I *think* the term is mondigreen. The spelling in that is probably off, but it comes from a (Robert Burns?) poem where the chorus had a line about a deceased having died and, "they laid him on the green." With an accent the line sounded like mondigreen, and last I heard that was the official term for misinterpreted lyrics in song or poetry.

    Second... In the song 'What a Feeling,' I always heard "take you pants down, and make it happen." I guess the actual lyrics are "take your passion, and make it happen." I still contest that there is not much different between the two lines.

    Third... I have a similar experience when I take Albuterol. That stuff is rough!!!

    Fourth... It just occured to me that you probably weren't looking for an English history lesson. I am very sorry for rambling on... however, I am not sufficiently motivated to erease it.

  4. That's what albuterol does to me too, and muscle relaxers and heavy pain killers like Darvocet. I would be a terrible addict. I can't stand the disconnected feeling!