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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today is a sick day

Kacy has a fever and is home. She seems fine, except for the fever. Jessie has a low grade fever and wants to be held, or wants to be eating... either one. I'm... okay. Ed is is FINE form, healthy as can be, and full of energy. Ryan and Will are in Bakersfield getting supplies for the tree cuttings we ordered.
Here are a few sites I've been enjoying lately. I have a narrow mind...

Logic problems
Storynory (stories for kids, for free, mp3)
Lit2Go (mp3 stories-all kinds)
Downloadable yoga classes (some are free, they ask for name and billing address, but no payment info- come in two formats, mp4 (for apple quicktime) or mp3 with a printable pose chart)

The yoga is fun to do and doesn't require a TV (i.e. your kids can watch cartoons while you workout/relax). We spend a lot of time in the car, and audio stories are great for vocabulary development and comprehension. The puzzles are just what I like to do to keep my brain active.

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