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Friday, April 3, 2009

Wind Blown

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Happenings: The wind blew ALL night long, with gusts up to 70 mph. I was guessing around 60 mph last night at 2am, but only because I was wide awake and feeling the effects of motion sickness. Luckily, out trailer is narrow side to the wind, but it was still (IS STILL) shaking like we are going down the freeway at high speeds. We can't work outside, and we'll have some cleaning up to do tomorrow when it's suppose to be calmer. If we had hatches, they'd be batten down.

Also: Will is puking. He threw-up in the car without warning yesterday. We made it to Target to do a little shopping without incident. Unless you count the check out lady saying "They are such cute kids. They are all SO calm, except for that one. He's the one you have to chase?" She was pointing to Ed. We drop Kacy off at Art Lessons, and head on over to Winco, my favorite cheap place for food. We start off with a potty break, and while I was changing Jessie's diaper, Will lets loose with a bucket full of vomit all over the floor. Ed was enthralled with the whole process- "Hey! Where's that water coming from?" and "That's so cool! Can I step in it?" (Edspeak: Dat's so tool! Tan I step in it?" We didn't get any shopping done. He has puked again twice this morning, and I am SO HAPPY he is old enough to make it to the trash can. Jessie has diaper problems- all intestinal and stinky. Yuck. I was suppose to go to the temple tonight, but it's looking like I'm not. We'll see.

Our windows are arriving tomorrow, and a sea container today. The container will hold the windows, the doors we bought back in January in LA, and any random house things we find on sale.


  1. I know exactly how you feel about the wind. While we were traveling 3 years ago in the RV we hit several storms. It isn't fun to drive, sleep or live in a storm in the RV.

    Sorry about the throw up but I did have to laugh about Ed's comments. He is so funny to me!! I know he isn't so funny to you all the time but he's way cute, you got to give him that.

    I hope you made it to the temple. You inspired me to make the sacrafice and get there myself this coming week.

  2. I hear you about the wind! It hasn't stopped since late Wednesday!

  3. I'll totally do calm, my kids love it there. Laet me know when, we don't have any plans other that park day on Wednesday, and that's not a deffinate plan.

  4. Sorry baout the puke and poo...gott alove being a mom, right? Just like the wind, this too shall pass! Your post was soo funny. I love Ed stories.

  5. Maybe Ed's purpose in life is to provide all of us with entertaining stories! I hate puke...