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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The best fruit salad, EVER!

No pictures, because I'm too busy eating the BEST fruit salad I've ever had.
4 granny smith apples.
4 oz cool whip
2 ground up Snickers candy bars

Cut up apples into bite size pieces. Whack up 2 Snickers until ground. (I bet a food processor would be the best tool, but sometimes we trailer people have to improvise.) Fold all ingredients together and enjoy this HEALTHY fruit salad.

So easy. The above measurements made 4 Cups. I ate this last night at a volunteer appreciation dinner, where Will's teacher for next year brought it. I over heard part of her conversation and got this much info. I made it this way and it's great. There might be more, but Snickers pretty much cover all the bases with the caramel, chocolate, and nuts.

***So, my boys won't even taste it. It does look a little mayonaise-y, but still. I caught Ed eating cat food and offered him a bite of "apples with candy bars." He said "No thank-you. It's yucky. Cat food is better." He's not going to try mine, and I'm certainly not going to try his. Oh well, more for me!


  1. Oohhh.....I've had that before and it is yummy! As for healthy....I'm sticking with you on that one. It has apples, must be healthy!

  2. Healthy?? Of course it's healthy! Nuts are an excellent source of protein. I might make this and give it to my health class next semester.

  3. I have made this many of times and it is so yummy!!! I however put just as much snickers bars in as apples. Very good!