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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Comings and Goings

The Goings: Ryan's grandma J passed away yesterday. She has been in the hospital for two weeks where they discovered a large tumor in her abdomen. She was on her way to Ryan's parents' house to spend the rest of her days under the care of Cherie and hospice, but she passed away in the ambulance in their driveway. The funeral will be next Monday. I'm glad she didn't have to live through a lot of pain- cancer is just so... well, it's lots of things that are not fun. Maybe because I come from camp that says "faster is better" when it comes to dying.

The Comings: My sister Kendra is being induced today. Her due date is 11 days away, but she has toxemia. Here comes Charlotte soon! I can't wait to meet her. If she is born at a reasonable time today, I will have to go down and meet her. If not, I'll be going tomorrow. I haven't gotten to really enjoy any of my nieces and nephews as newborns because for the first few, I lived out of town. Then when I lived nearby, I kept having my own babies at the same time as everyone else.

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