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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Forest in a box, take 2

Last year we ordered a "Forest in the Box" off the Internet. It failed. Miserably. A combination of kids, pets, rodents, and heat killed all 100 cuttings. We also figured out it was too warm when we started them, and they bloomed out before they got good roots established and then withered. Ryan wanted to give it another go, so he ordered more this year. Instead of the black bags (they are somehow special...) that we tried last year, this time he put the cuttings into seed starter peat pots. Then, after some research on the Internet, he decided to try this method of growing the trees. These are cinder blocks on top of plastic. Each tree gets it's own cell. The cement is porous and holds water "just right." The plastic liner on the bottom is to keep run off available so that the trees can soak it up on hot days. The bees love this new source of water. The trees are doing much better than last year, and they are very reasonably priced (if they live...). We have 200+ trees (202?204? I can't remember.) Most are hybrid poplars. There are some black willows that we want to use for perimeter screening, and also seven quaking aspens.

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  1. I was totally wondering about your forest in a box from last year. I hope they grow! If so, someday in a million years when we do it, you guys can give us all your pointers.