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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kacy!

Dear Kacy,
Yesterday you had your sixth birthday. We went to granny J's funeral- you weren't exactly thrilled with that, because it wasn't "fun", you were a good sport. Okay, woman- here's the deal: you are NOT a princess. We had to have a little talk (again) after you strolled by great Uncle Loren and said, "It's my birthday, you should have got me something!" You were also kinda a lot bossy with the family. Here is what has been happening in your life:
  • You love school.
  • You love art/drawing/writing. Your favorite toys are paper and pens/pencils. Seriously.
  • Sunday you changed your name to "Jazzy"- it went like this: Will says, "Hey Mom, I wanna change my name to Jack." I am trying to park the car, so I say "Whatever." You join in by saying, "Me too! I want my name to be Jazzy!" I think I just rolled my eyes, thinking you'd forget about it. You didn't. You corrected everyone who called you Kacy, and you practiced writing it. Aunt Jocelyn tried to convince you to use it as a middle name, but I don't think that worked so well.
  • Today you lost your first tooth at school. You were hoping you would lose it there because they have little treasure boxes for lost teeth. You pulled it out yourself during PE.
  • You are a good big sister- a good example to the boys, and you just love Jessie. You are a pretty good helper for me, too.
  • You are determined to learn how to swim this summer and you want me to teach you.
  • Favorites: pink, bean burritos, music to sing to, riding your bike, your friends, writing, "Waiting for Wings" by Lois Ehlert, visiting your grandparents and cousins, babies, and fashion accessories.
We love you Kacy!
Mom and Dad


  1. Yea Kacy. Love you so much! We're here in the motel room in Park City. Grandma J's delivered and we're leaving in a minute to go to the viewing and graveside. We'll probably go see Pat's house and then to Cabella's this afternoon.
    I'm looking forward to seeing all my cousins.

  2. I know its not the best trait, but in a way....I love how she thinks the whole world revoles around her. She knows she is LOVED. :)

    She also told me..."aunt jocelyn...you didn't get me a card"..I told her, "well you didn't get me one for my birthday either" - she looked very perplexed.

  3. We call it the "kinny garden attitude!" all my kids got it, and for the most part they all got over themselves. Don't get excited at that point though because it returns again in 5th grade.