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Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day, 2009

Whatever. Next year I'm boycotting Mother's Day. Here is a quick pic of what my day was like: In church they passed out these really pretty single stem white roses. I get mine, and Jessie grabs it out of my unsuspecting hand and beats my over the head with it. Then Kacy grabs it saying, "No, no Jessie!" and proceeds to fight with Will over who gets to hold my flower. Ed was under the pew saying "ka-chow!" repeatedly. Sums it all up, right there.

Ryan did not go to church with us today because he got called out at 2am and didn't return until 6am. That, AFTER he had gotten home at midnight from working all day. So, he slept. And since I knew that church was only going to be an hour long instead of the full block (it's "tradition") so we could enjoy our "Mother's Day", and I thought I could handle it. Ed was practically vibrating with energy. Will kept laying on the floor. I went to choir practice to play the piano for them, and I don't enjoy it. I'm doing it because I was asked by the usual pianist to fill in since her sister was dying. How do you say no to that? But I really should have. I'm not good, and I'm not enjoying it.

After church we went to see Ryan's mom and family, and then we went to my grandma's house where my parents and other grandma were having dinner. I'm grateful for all the moms in my life. It was neat to see the ages of women around me- I had my grandmas, my moms, myself, and my girls. Someday they will be moms. THAT will be a fun time. But for now, I am mostly enjoying my children and being a mom. I say "mostly" because some days are hard, and I recognize that and refuse to color my world perfect. Some of my favorite things about being a mom are:
  • being able to eat quesadillas for dinner (often) because "the kids love them."
  • teaching them random fun facts and then listening to them tell others... (like when Kacy told her teacher we knew a bear was messing with our bees because of the bear scat...)
  • having to look things up on the Internet like "where does the wind come from?" and "what do snake bones look like?" They make me think about the little things.
  • folding kid undies- seriously the only other bright spot in my world of laundry, besides towels- SO EASY.
  • being able to talk aloud to myself in the grocery store and not look crazy because I'm "really talking to the kids."
  • my kids think I'm the smartest person in the whole world, that I'm the fastest runner, the best singer, and a great dancer... and that I'm fun. Even if I'm not.
  • I love little kid laughter and smiles.
  • I am enjoying watching them grow up into little people. It's a little sad to see your cute babies grow up, but it is also very exciting to see them reaching their potentials as little people! And then big people!


  1. I think your picture turned out great!

  2. I am with you on the boycott bandwagon. However, if you abstain from Mother's Day next year will you still be able to get a FABULOUS picture? You look GORGEOUS and the kids are all super cute.