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Friday, May 29, 2009

Kacy's Kindergarten Graduation

Kindergarten graduation at Kacy's school is a big deal. I wasn't aware of how important it was until I got there! Aunts, uncles, friends of the family... the cafeteria was packed. It was well organized and well done. Once the kids put on the caps and gowns, they all looked like they were 18. Talk about aging a mom in a hurry. I thought my heart was going to have a spasm as I quickly imagined what she will look like when she's 18. Aack! (I hope I look exactly the same. Here's to wishful thinking and make-up!) She got an award from her teacher for Academic Excellence, I think. I had a hard time hearing and seeing everything; her teacher said something about her leadership skills and being a good student. The certificate didn't print out well, so she will mail it. There was a reception in room 1 with cakes and punch. I have a DVD of the slide show they put together- it is very well done.
Me and my first born- Kacy says she either wants to be a Veterinarian or a teacher when she grows up. She has had a great time with Kindergarten. She can't wait to be a first grader next year. (Seriously- I'm having a hard time looking at her in a cap and gown. It makes me sad that she looks so old! I look forward to seeing her grow up, but I'd like the experience of it all. Even the teen years... oh wait, she is still just six. Whew! We've got some time. But not much. Again, long are the days, short are the years.)


  1. I can see the post in 12 years...with this picture along side her HS grad picture. Holy Smokes! I'm glad our school just has painted t-shirts. :)

  2. Cute graduate. Just think I knew her when she was just starting out. Now she a big star.

  3. Cute pictures. Kacy looks so happy! I'm very impressed she already has some career choices thought out. Congratulations.