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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kid speak

Yesterday my boys entertained me with two lovely, lovely snippets of observation.
1- Will asked me where we were going (for the hundreth time) and I told him, "We are going to grandma Bunting's to visit for awhile, and then we are going to Aunt Karen's housewarming party."
"Oh." pause... "We aren't going to church?"
"No, we are not going to church. It's Saturday." (me)
"So, it's Saturday, and we are not going to church. But Mom, you took a shower!"

That says a lot about my trailer life right now.

2- In the car on the the way home from Karen's house, Kacy did something to annoy Will, so Will put his elbow on her neck, and hurt her. I was so mad at him, I chewed him out to the best of my abilities about how horrible it is to be mean and neck injuries and all of that. I wrap up my tirade with, "I never want to see or hear of you touching anyone's neck again!" and Ed adds, "Ya, Will. Next time just pinch her."


  1. Will is young, he will learn never to question a woman's personal hygiene. and Ed sure is quick! Wouldn't you just love to watch his brain work? He is right though, pinching is so much more satisfying.

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    So funny thanks for the laugh.


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  3. It was funny, it made me laugh for sure...thanks :)

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