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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More memories of this last week

  • I was reminded of the wonderful thing that is a soaking bathtub- bubbles and all. I think it's the cleanest my feet have been in a long time. And, a real shower! Nice.
  • Not having TV/Internet- what a nice break. After the twitching was done, our house was a bit more peaceful.
  • I watched Jessie sitting on the lawn on Sunday evening. She was just enjoying life, looking at the kids play. It was one of those "I love being a mother" moments. (That was just before the boys got all gross...)
  • The kids and I took a hike down to the creek, where they played for longer than I wanted to. But, I let them, because they were having such a good time. It was fun to watch them. I tend to observe my children often, taking mental notes of their development. It's a habit from college.
  • I got to visit with my grandma and cousin Jennifer. Jennifer made Kacy's day by giving her some jewelry.
  • Watching my kids in the pool yesterday was actually... fun. Besides the wailing and gnashing of teeth for our little "lesson" portion, they had a great time. Ed's new favorite song is "So What" by Pink. Will likes to stick his face in the water, and with his HUGE smile, he sometimes swallows water. He has a hard time NOT smiling. Ed loves to sing and walk around, and of course, splash. Kacy is a lounger. She was so excited to see her girl cousins. Not that her boy cousins are chopped liver or anything, she just loves Alyssa, who is the same age, and Gracie, who is 18 months younger. The difference? They are GIRLS.
  • While bbq-ing and swimming yesterday, Ryan was busy in the mountains working. We were eating hamburgers and working on our tans, and he was arresting a murder suspect at gunpoint. Fun story, sort of, and you'll have to ask him about it if you are interested. I'm sure it'll be on the news and in the paper, but I'll leave that for them to get all wrong.
  • I've got a new, sure fire way of helping Will and Kacy make the decision to stop fighting- it involves them holding hands and singing "Kindness Begins With Me." They hate even the idea of it, so it totally works. They mostly get along just fine, but the car seems to be the trouble spot where they argue constantly.
  • I've had to BBQ 75% of the meet that was in our freezer because it defrosted during the power outage. I'm going to freeze the cooked meat now, and I should just be able to defrost and warm up. I hope.


  1. I make my kids hold hands STILL! Alex and Jimi just HATE it, so it works!

  2. I love the singing and holding hands bit. I am making a mental note to use it when we get to the fighting stage. Sorry about the electricity but what a good chance to bbq.

  3. I've never tried the holding hands bit, I'm afraid it would turn into pinching. I screamed at my kids one day that if they kept fighting in the car we were all going to crash and die in the canyon, because I couldn't pay attention to the road. Not my best mothering moment, but it kind of worked! That portion of our drive rarely has fights now. BBQ is yummy, and think how easy that should make some meals!

  4. I haven't tried that with my kids yet ... but I think I might. When I was a kid my parents would "ground" me to my sister - we would have to go EVERYWHERE together (bathroom breaks had one on the outside of the door). Boy did I have a lot of bathroom breaks in those days! It must have done something because she is one of my best friends now.