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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our house is finished! Just Kidding.

I was going to start telling people that we quit building our house because we love the trailer SO MUCH. And, because it took a month for a framing contractor to get back to us, and he hasn't . He won't return phone calls, nothing has been done... so we are going to call the original guy back and hopefully he can start soon. Will asked Ryan if he was going to work on the house, and Ryan replies "There is nothing to do on the house right now." I chime in, "Ya. We're not going to build the house anymore. We love the trailer SO MUCH that we decided just to live in it forever." Will said, "What?" and Kacy started crying and said "No! I want a bedroom!" and Will starts in, "Ya Mom, we need two bedrooms, one for the girls and one for the boys, not just one little room for all of us." Ryan saved the day by assuring them that although Mom has quit, he will keep on building the house. I said that maybe I'll just stay in the trailer, that way at least it will be clean. Will says, "But Mom, who will do our dishes? Dads don't wash dishes." (This observation from the boy who questions where I'm going after I shower.) They knew I was joking when I told them I would just love to live in the trailer with all the mice. They looked so relieved when they figured out I was lying. I hate mice. I've caught 5 in less than a week. I should be almost done- it's like a nest hatched in the crevices and I've slowly been eradicating them. They gross me out- not because of the fur or beady eyes, or because of their quickness, but because of their droppings on my stuff. On my hair stuff. In my silverware drawer, where I have to wash everything in there everyday. Just the thought of them touching my stuff grosses me out. I'm a bit of a germaphobe when it comes to mice. I saw a special on the Haunta Virus once. Once was enough.

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  1. Mice are creepy. Danny has one (or more) in his truck again, which annoys him, because his truck is way cleaner than mine! Aren't you glad your kids appreciate all the wonderful things you do for them... like wash the dishes. Funny boy.

    Someday the house will be done and the kids will look back on the "Trailer Time" fondly.