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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yippee, You're Three! (NOT Five)

Dear Ed,
First, I'm sorry about the picture above- it's the most recent I have of you. It's not a great picture of you- you look slightly annoyed with me for stopping you from playing so I could take this of you. Okay, you were annoyed and said, "No Mom! I wanna go down the slide!" Look how dirty you are... it's a chronic thing. But, we live in the dirt, so it's to be expected. I consider it a miracle and a blessing you made it to the ripe old age of three. You have given me a really hard time this last year, what with you be yourself and all. A little recap of the more stressful events: coyote chasing, hiding in the bushes and not coming back when we called you, tipping over shopping carts with you and Jessie (and Will, twice) in them, escaping from the shopping cart in the grocery store and then running up and down the isles while I'm chasing you, and then...potty training. I get a lot of strangers saying things like, "Oh, he's a handful." and "Boy, he's gotta lot of personality." and "He's the one you have to chase the most, right?" and my personal favorite, "I can see how you stay so thin, chasing him around all the time." (Thin? Yes!) You hate the nursery in church. You escape constantly and try to convince me you are big enough for primary. But for all the grief you cause my heart (I'm surprised my blood pressure isn't higher-) you make me laugh just as hard. You say some of the funniest things. And that dimple- don't even get me started on your smile and dimple. You were an early talker compared to Kacy and Will, and you've been using that to your advantage. Everyone thinks you are older than you are because you can talk well and because you are big. Most of the time that's to your disadvantage. You love to sing. "So What" by Pink is your current favorite, along with "We Will Rock You" by Queen, and "One of the Boys" by Katy Perry. You have also memorized a few primary songs already. You still insist that you are five years old, and will argue with anyone who says you are not. Your favorite book is "Transformers, Robot Roll Call" and your favorite movies are "Cars" and "Transformers." You have a thing for red shirts with graphics on them. The shirt in the picture was your favorite all winter long, and now you have a short sleeved tee that is red with white writing on it that you ask to wear every day. You hate to drink water. You still don't use a fork or spoon well. I know you can, but apparently it's faster not to. Yes, I call you a caveman. You are a kid who likes to be outside naked. You squish bugs. You love animals, dogs, especially. I have a few pictures of you kissing horses... You are like a Tarzan or Mowgli. You could survive in the wilderness without humans... I sincerely believe that. Just in the last few months you have matured nicely so that we can go to the park and enjoy it- me knowing that you are not trying to leave or anything. That, along with you being potty trained, has made my life sweet. I'm grateful I haven't lost you yet (almost, on many occasions) and that you have made it this far with only some chipped teeth, a few stitches, and minimal blood loss. You are very tough, and you love me very much. I'm your favorite right now... I think that makes you one smart cookie! Happy Third Birthday, Ed! (No matter what you say, you are only three. It's gonna be a long two years before you start school...you already want to go!)

P.S.- Your birthday wish list includes a car from the hardware store, new red shirts with graphics, a Transformers shirt, and Transformers, the movie. I'm taking you to the hardware store today, and then to the candy store for your favorite- jelly beans, the smoothie blend. Yum!


  1. No matter if he is a "hand full", when he smiles that smile and gives you a hug, he is perfect. Just the way little boys are supposed to be. Adorable

  2. He is precious. We are so proud of you both for making it this far. Happy birthday Ed!

  3. Happy birthday Ed. Red is a good color. It will hide the blood.