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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Primary Activity Day

No pictures--- sometimes I forget my camera in the car...too bad this time, too. I took Kacy, Will, Nathan, and Spencer to the stake primary activity day. It was a good time there. They learned a little about Native Americans. They made fry bread, decorated paper canoes, and played some games. The best part was the ride over. Those four kids cracked me up to the point of tears. Oh man, Spencer was on one... which "one" we can't decide. On the way over Nathan randomly says, "Hey Karrie, you drive slower than Ryan. Remember when we were following Ryan to the play, Spencer? He was driving fast!"
"But you can't drive too fast or else you'll get a ticket from the complice." replies Will.
"But Ryan IS the police, so he won't get a ticket."
This is where Kacy tells a story.
"Nathan, one time my dad got pulled over for driving too fast in my mom's car. He rolled down the window and yelled, 'I'VE GOT A GUN!' and the police went back to their car and drove away."
Nathan looks at me with big eyes that narrow when he asks, "Aunt Karrie, did that really happen?"
"Pretty much." I shrug, trying not to laugh.

While we were in the gym waiting for the activities to start, I left the kids there for a minute to be shown where the bell ringer button was. That was my job, and of course I botched it up the first time by ringing the bell a full 10 minutes early... anyway, I come back and Cori R. was standing with her kids and my little group and says, "They don't have any sisters, do they." It was a statement, not a question. Spencer and Nathan were talking about wedgies and it looked like Spencer was trying to give Nathan a wedgie... Cori has four boys, so she totally knows.

About the cop story- Ryan finds it humorous to mess with his fellow officers up here- often speeding up when he knows they are watching... quite a few have been duped by him. The story Kacy was relating was when a Sheriff pulled him over for speeding because he was training a new officer. I'm not sure whether or not Ryan had a gun in the car (I fail to pay attention anymore), and there was a lot more conversation between Ryan and the officer, whom he has known since high school and has borrowed our tractor...


  1. I kind of like Kacy's version of the story....very funny! How did the kids' fry bread come out? I wait all year long for Whiskey Flat Days just so I can get an Indian Taco. I have looked up recipes on line but have yet to attempt my own!

  2. There is just something about all boy families that I recognize. It could be the fact in my own home I fight a losing battle against the hilarity of body parts and functions. But I wouldn't trade my boys for anything, even when I don't come close to understanding what is so funny!

    The fry bread smelled really good, and the kids gobbled it down, so it must have been tasty.

  3. I am still sitting here wondering how the whole "borrowing of the tractor" relates to Ryans story, and trying to wonder if I bought a tractor and loaned it out, if in any way that could keep me out of a ticket???? First I don't need a tractor, and Second... I DON'T HAVE A CAR THAT RUNS!