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Friday, June 26, 2009

Recycled Insulation and Attic Vents

See that black triangle I drew in there (with my mad photoshop skills...) near the peak of the gable? That is where our attic vent is going to go. There is one on the other side, too. And yes, you could buy attic vents from almost anywhere. But, one of our goals in building this house is to make it look like it's been here for 100 years. 100+years ago, they built their attic vents (if they had them at all). So, Ryan spent some time and built our vents. The first one took "all day" (a long time) and the second one took 30 minutes. Henry Ford KNEW what he was doing when he built cars on an assembly line...
Here are the two vents. That black line helps you to see that they there are two- they were laying on the floor like this when I took the picture. They'll go up soon.
Hey, it's my birthday present! It's big! It's in an illegal for up here length 53 foot trailer that came from Maryland via intermodal trasportation... it recycled insulation!
Basically it's like this: we want a REALLY well insulated house. There is a product called polyiso... poly icynene... poly iso-something (sounds like poly-i-so-nene) that has an R-value of 7 per inch, 6 after a few years (the chemicals stabalize or something). It's fairly expensive. So, Ryan found some online that was used for a decent price. Shipping was killer... dare I say? (Don't keel over... it was $2000.00). We are going to rip it on the table saw into pieces that will go into our ceilings, giving us an R-value of 48 or so. Or is it 60? I can't remember. It's also enough to go around our house under the stucco. (The bottom of our house, under the porch, will be stucco done in an adobe style.) That, couple with the interior wall insulation should make use of heat/AC minimal. This makes us environmentally friendly, no? Recycled materials and all... does the transcontinental shipping negate that? We ordered the insulation from Insulation Depot (click for link).
Wait until you see the deal we got on our siding and flooring...


  1. First things first. Happy birthday Karrie. House looks great and coming along well. Will you miss the trailer?

  2. Happy Birthday Karrie! After reading all about you I realize I really do love you! My favorite? "I'm a fighter, not a lover." I can't get Michael Jackson's voice (may he RIP) out of my head from his duet with Paul McCartney. Brandon and I are SO impressed with the house. You two! Really, it's fantastic. And have I got a carrot cake recipe for you!

  3. $2000 isn't a bad price at all from Maryland. Just think, if you sent the truck the other direction it would cost around $6000.

  4. What a great birthday gift. What is an R value? and why is it important?

  5. Cori-
    R value is basically a measurement of heat resistance for insulation. The higher the R-value, the better insulated the house is. You can google it and get all the technical stuff, (like EXACTLY what the R stands for, because I forget) and there are building code/Title 24 regulations that give you minimums. Most houses are minimally insulated because most people don't really have a choice in the matter. (They buy a pre-existing home.) That leads to higher than necessary energy usage.

    Jimmy- REALLY??? 6000 bucks? That's insane, so I'll go tell Ryan the deal we got! That's awesome, and I'll tell you what, if it was that high, it wouldn't have been purchased.

  6. Love the house - I can't wait to see the finished product. You guys both have an eye for detail and this house is going to scream that!!

    I wanted to tell you I bought a cookbook the other day and guess what was in it. Apple Snicker salad. 4 green apples - bite sized, 6 reg. snickers bars - bite sized, 6 oz. of whipped cream and 1 small box of vanilla pudding mix. Mix all together and you have a salad. Sounds good - I will have to try it.

  7. Hey Carrie! Marcus was asking about your house and how you and Ryan were doing, so I pulled up your blog. It looks great! You guys sure have done a lot. We would love to come up sometime and see you guys. Michelle Moncur