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Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Update Happenings

*I am doing summer school with my kids. At home. We watch Mythbusters for science, and Dirty Jobs for career education.
*Kacy and Will can now go underwater while plugging their noses. This is a huge stepping stone on our way to water safety.
*When I asked Ed why he doesn't like nursery, this week his reply was, "Because it's too serious, Mom."
*I am running more and more- mostly because I only got to ride my bike once before I sheared off the threads of the crank set and had to hike my bike home. Ordered new crank set and now need the tool that makes the job easy to replace it. I am amazed how well my body is adapting to the running... I can now run 5 miles without stopping. I'm terribly slow, much like a tortoise. But, I always feel great afterward! I have a 10 minute per mile pace, erring on the side of 10 1/2 minutes. I'm going to start some speed work, and doing the exercises I'm supposed to do to get rid of my knee brace. I hate that thing.
*Jessie is quite the screecher... not so much fun.
*Ryan was released from his calling as YM president- I can hear the hallelujah chorus in the background! He's been in it for three and a half years... hoping he can change his work schedule for Sundays off so we can have a family day! (He works afternoons and had to have Wed. nights off for activities, so he had to work Sundays. Do I need to tell you how stinky it is to have a hubby home one night a week, and for a few hours in the a.m., but not really, because his second job is building the house? Or he wouldn't get home until 3AM (very common) and needed to sleep...It stinks.) Now he is the activities person... the party thrower! Yay! SO.EXCITED.FOR.A.BREAK.
*I'm still in the Primary presidency, and I have to say... I like it. I don't LOVE it because it always seems like there is something that is wonky (people placements are hard to come by, "I don't work with kids" seems to be a theme...) but I like the kids, I like the singing, and I like how simple it can all be. We've got some great families that have great kids. Plus, I get to work with some very cool people who put up with me! Hooray for tolerance for the crazy lady!
*I have put 3000+miles on my car in less than a month. My 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty is almost expired, and I've had my car for 53 weeks. That's one week longer than a year. I'm hoping since I've driven the heck out of my car in mountainous and city conditions that it is all broke in and not defective anywhere.
*I am enjoying having Kacy home for the summer, and look forward to sending TWO kids to school in the fall. I LOVE to see how much they grow!
*The weather has been really nice... I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts, even the days in the 90's. Days in the 100's are no bueno in the trailer. The trailer is a little like an oven that way. We are stocked with OtterPops. We are ready!


  1. HHHmmmm, yep my van started having problems right about 37000 miles... but just don't hit any deer on our birthday outing and you should be good, oh and it's NOT a HONDA!

  2. sorry that was me, I had a grammer mistake I needed to fix.
    Sitting in church on Sunday... Danny's reaction to Ryan being released was something like this... Awe man there go my nice weekends off! I like your summer school plans:)

  3. I have that cool crank tool ... if you need one.