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Thursday, June 25, 2009

They Say It's Your Birthday!

My most recent picture- what a self portrait!

I turned 32, and to commemorate the event, we had insulation delivered and then went to Carl's Jr so I didn't have to cook. We also went to the lake for a short while. I was hoping to tire out the kids- fat chance.

Some fun facts about me:
  • I have all my wisdom teeth. They are in, and they are straight. This, coupled with a weird thumb joint that makes it difficult to make a proper fist, puts me more closely related to the primates, according to Ryan.
  • I played one half season of rugby in college before tearing my rotator cuff, and then seeing one of my teammates get slashed across the face by a sharpened cleat when I was cleared to go back. That's when my vanity stepped in and I decided maybe I didn't want to be a Scarface for the rest of my life. Do I need to tell you that I hated being told I was too "cute" to play rugby? Puh-lease!
  • I was a fashion model. For a day. In a real fashion show. This was right before the rugby thing- Amy, Kibbe, and I were helping Amy's mom, who was working at a bridal shop at the time. It was fun, but not that fun. I don't think I'd do it again. But hey, now that I'm 32 and have had four kids, I think I'm disqualified. It was one of those things where you have to use all your mental skills to convince yourself that no one is staring at you.
  • I'm a fighter, not a lover. I'm working on it.
  • I like to shovel dirt. (No, I will not shovel your dirt unless you take super-duper good care of my kids, and fix me lunch. If you'll do that, we'll talk.)
  • My favorite cake is carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.
  • I never order a steak at restaurants, but Ryan does (very rare), and I always ask for a bite and then WISH I would have ordered a very rare steak.
  • I used to think I had no talent because my reading and being athletic didn't really produce a tangible product (like scrapbooking, or sewing, or being mechanically inclined, cooking, etc...), but I've come to appreciate the fact that I do have some actual, for real talent. I can sew, but it's not a talent. It's a skill I was working on (and want to again!), unlike Jocelyn, who can sew like a son-of-a-gun and has a way with fabric/colors. I can play the piano a little, but not like my cousin April who can REALLY play. Again, a skill I want to work on, and have to work on. It's not natural for me. Running and jumping? Natural. Reading everything I can get my hands on? Natural. Oh! I also have a talent for memorizing birth dates and phone numbers. Knowing useless fun facts? All me! Like this one: what one word in the English language uses all five vowels in order? Answer: facetious. Thank you to the Popsicle stick that taught me that one.
  • My favorite flower is an orangey-pinky-red gerbera daisy.
  • I love fresh, raw spinach.
  • My favorite shows growing up were The Cosby Show, Who's the Boss (I wished my name was Sam), and Jeopardy (But NOT the Wheel of Fortune).
  • My favorite color has always been blue, but I've realized I like different colors for different things.
  • I hate traffic and being busy with appointments.


  1. That was cute. I really liked getting to know you better.

  2. I think a talent is something you develop, not just something you are born good at. So I'm going to go ahead and say you are a very talented person!

  3. sequoia! another word that uses all 5 vowels! i know useless facts too!

  4. SMARTY! Happy Birthday! I think your a good friend, to me at least!

  5. HaHa I wanted my name to be Sam too. Happy Birthday! (We really shoulda had cake while you were here, next time tell me!) You, Ryan, JC and I need to get together soon!