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Friday, June 19, 2009

Will is ready for Kindergarten

Will is officially ready to start Kindergarten! (As soon as I find the registration papers I filled out and then turn them in...) He went to his physical on June 10, and I have no idea how tall he is or how much he weighs because while the nurse was doing that, I was turning in an update form around the corner. But no worries! I will ask when I have to take him to his follow-up appointment next Wednesday because he failed his hearing test in one ear. The other ear happened to be slightly infected, and his right ear was so full of wax they couldn't see it. They irrigated the waxy ear, and then out in the hallway I heard the nurse tell the Dr. "It looks like cobwebs in there- it might be perforated but it's hard to see." The Dr. came in and then looked and told me the same thing. SO... he is on antibiotics to clear things up, and then he has to go back and get his hearing checked again. When Kacy had her physical last year, she failed her hearing test in one ear because of an unknown ear infection. I'm hoping Will's in the same, and not something more serious because of his speech. It was a bit delayed, and even now it's not perfect. He has a weird thing when he says his "r" sounds- diaper is "diapuh", rabbit is "wabbit" and forget is "fuhget". He was a trooper for his shots. As per our rule of no screaming in the Dr. office, he got to go to Target and get a toy after he got his finger poke (he cried big ol' tears silently onto his tee-shirt), his TB test (he just HAD to watch, and then cried), and then his three immunizations. Or was it four? I lost count. The last one hurt the worst and he actually said "Ow, ow, OWW!" and then it was done. He was so nervous the whole visit, just anticipating those shots. Now, he is ready to go to school!

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