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Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Camping Observation

After spending the better part of the week at Girls' Camp, I made the following statement: "The one thing I learned at camp this year is that some people have a sense of humor, and some DO NOT." Ryan replies, "Camping is like beer. It really brings out people's true personalities."

Seriously- some people were just having a hard time in the fun department. I'm not all into the silly songs they sing with the hand movements and bootie shaking, but I still think it's fun. I'm just way too self conscience to participate (I'm a dork! Everyone will know!). That's my own personal problem. However, I do enjoy watching the girls have a good time, and who knows? Given the right mood, I might join in. Maybe. But, you don't have to shake your bootie to have a sense of humor... luckily I was surrounded by foodies who were funny and easy going. I hope they ask me to do it again next year!

I worked in the kitchen with Ryan, and had a really good time. I think it's safe to say that the kitchen crew works the hardest (besides the unnamed souls who venture up and stack all the firewood everywhere-) but have the most fun. I helped some great ladies, and of course Ryan and Karl where there, manning the grill. The ladies prepped, the guys did the hot cooking. It was a system that worked out really well. The crew consisted of Gaye G. (the menu planner/shopper... aack. She did a great job, but I can imagine the stress.) Mary R., (her right hand woman), Debbie R., myself, Jason and Maribel P., Bishop Marsh, Ryan, and Uncle Karl.

Ryan and I decided that next summer will be a good summer to start camping as a family. I have refused to do it so far because of babies, because we have been a 1/2 step above camping for almost a full four years anyway, and because of babies. Our babies are growing up, and I'm having faith that next summer Ed will be slightly more mature and would stay in our camping area and not go chase cows or coyotes. It's kind of a safety thing with Ed. And if you think I'm slightly paranoid about the capabilities of Ed, let me remind you that my Search and Rescue capable, mountain man, cowboy, packer husband doesn't think we are ready for the mountains yet. Ed could survive on his own, but as parents we are not ready to lose a child to the wilderness. Ed is the one who went chasing after a coyote when he was 22 months old and went a half mile away from home in the bushes tracking the thing. Ryan spotted him (after he climbed on top of the trailer) and quickly decided he needed to be followed. Ryan followed him in stealth and finally decided he'd gone too far. He brought him home, carrying him because Ed wanted to get the coyote.

I came home early and am getting cleaned up before I go retrieve the kids from the grandmas. The only bad thing that happened (that I know of, so far...) while we were away is that our dog ran away. He was here on Thursday when Colton H. came to check on him, but he has since dug out. He's probably five miles away by now, or possible across the road and up the hill at the biologist's house wishing he were with his girlfriend.

***Update: George was hanging out across the street with the neighbors, who kindly kept him in a kennel and took him for a walk. He showed up at their house around dinner time on Friday. We have bought him a collar and took him on a walk with a leash, and he seems to be doing well with it. I'm surprised. We will keep working with him. ***


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. I missed talking to you this week even if it would be about primary. We really need to get together outside of primary.

  2. It is so nice when you realize your kids are getting big enough to do fun stuff. Camping is only as fun as the group you are with!