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Sunday, July 5, 2009

A day full of events!

Sunday we got up early and headed to my sister's ward for Charlotte's blessing. Ryan was able to make it for the blessing portion of it, and then he headed up the mountain back home to work. The kids were well behaved, even with cousins around. Kendra and Michael don't like their kids climbing all over the place, and neither do we, so it was understood on all sides what the expectations were. Makes life lots easier that way. After church we went to my Grandma's house to have a little picnic. She lives right around the corner from the church, so it was an easy drive when we went back to church for Riley C.'s baptism. Ryan's cousin Jeremy and his wife Eliza were in town. It was fun to visit with everyone. My kids were once again fairly well behaved... I wonder- might they be growing up? Just a little? It's promising. Jessie was smokin' tired though. I felt bad for her. Ed managed to pee all over his pants twice (once at the fireworks, and twice at church). Not pee IN his pants, but rather ON his pants. It happens like this: Little boy needs to "go." Mom sits little boy on toilet, and before we can make sure all parts are pointed in the right direction, boy "goes." Stream of urine comes up and out of the toilet and onto Mom's leg, or come through the crack where the seat and bowl are. I'm going to end this by saying I'm thankful he was well hydrated so it was more like water.

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  1. I think with Caleb we went straight to standing, which has issues too... but easier... maybe.