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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hurray for Better Days!

...all is right with my world.

  • Going to run "not on the two mile loop" around my house, but I'm heading for the hills. Literally. Ahhh...sweet freedom.
  • Was able to travel to Los Angeles and attend the temple today... that quiet time was MUCH needed. A big thank-you to my cousins and Aunt (and Grandma!) for watching my kids while I was away. It was a LONG day, but worth it. Was able to get some thoughts fixed in my brain with all the quiet thinking time I had.
  • Ate a cheeseburger from In and Out (In N' Out?) with grilled onions. YUM. French Fires? not so great. Later I had a Nestle Tollhouse Ice cream sandwich. That hit the spot.

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