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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jessie at 16 months

Height: 33.5 inches (100 percentile)
Weight: 25lb 04 oz (60%)
Teeth: 12 (getting two right now)
Hair: nasty patch in the back that gets dread-locked in the carseat.
Favorites: her crocheted blankets, her sippy cup, screeching when she doesn't get her way (ugh), playing in/swimming in water
Words: Mom, Dad, muh,(more, like when she walks over the the fridge with her cup and shakes it while pointing and saying "muh! muh!", bah (ball, apple, balloon- all round things!), and cat. It also sounded like she said "diaper" and "cake", with "cake" being the most plausible as it pertains to the clarity, context, and frequency in which she uses it.
Foods: scrambled eggs, cheese, crackers, apples, french fries, and all things liquid (except water)
Funny things: She fights with Ed. He is nice to her, but if he takes something of hers, or gets in her way, she whacks him good and screeches at him. He only retaliates by saying "JESS-ie!" She's lucky right now- I don't know how long he'll be so tolerant. She loves the slide and is fearless in climbing. She likes to just hang out, and finds any spot near Mom in which to snuggle into.

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  1. You know crazy patches in the back (or like mine had - mullets) make fantastic piggy tails. ;)
    How fun that we have babies very close in age. I like to see what other babies are doing. She is so stinking cute.