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Monday, July 27, 2009

Jimmy's 2nd Annual Mustache Party

We attended cousin Jimmy's 2nd annual mustache party on Saturday. It was a hit. Here are some highlights I caught with my camera, minus a picture of the host. I will have to get a picture of Jimmy (I may have to steal from his blog). Jimmy can grow a full mustache and beard in a week.

Jessie, her mustache, and her belly. She's so proud of her belly.
This one is for you, Grandma! Me and my cousin Caley (who is leaving for BYU-H soon).
The whole family had different 'staches. Ed's and Ryan's are similar, Will was given a fu-man-chu (spelling, anyone?), Kacy requested hers was fat and curled at the ends like a real cowboy, Jessie got the German/Russian style, and I got the evil cartoon villian 'stache. Ryan's is real, of course.
Will found the guitar and was rockin' out with his own "special" dance moves. White boy can't dance... like his mother.
Aack! Twins! Jocelyn and Ryan.
Even the dessert was in on the action. The famous Smith Bakery Ice Cookies were wearing mustaches instead of their usual smiley faces. Yummy! The other treat there were Jake's Tex Mex chocolate sheet cake, some deli plates, and lots and lots of different kinds of bottled root beer.


  1. I love Jake's cake, and Smith's cookies!! Looks like a great party.

  2. That looks like so much fun!! Russell has a mustache can we come next year? =)

  3. This is hilarious!! Love all the pictures...you girls all look exceptional with facial hair;)