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Friday, July 17, 2009

Missing: My common sense

Today we:
  • Went to Joe Kent's memorial service.
  • Went to the dollar theater to see a movie.
  • Went to storage to find my pants and boots.
  • Went shopping for clothes for me.
  • Played at Del Taco and had dinner.
We had a GREAT time.


Today I:
  • Took the kids with me to Joe Kent's memorial service. We got there 30 minutes early to get a seat. They were mostly good, until the last 15 minutes when Ed started singing "POP! Goes the Weasel," alternating between singing the words and saying "ahn, ahn,ahn-ahn, ahnnnnnnn." Jessie is a screecher and was not fun. To add to the stress was the fact that we were sharing a pew with a couple I didn't know, and I was locked in. I could have gotten up, but my behind would have been in their face, and I would have stepped on toes. The service itself was excellent- one of the best I've been to. The people who spoke were great- Dylan, Maughn, and President Russell. A men's choir sang "Called To Serve." The kids and I ate a picnic lunch on the grass afterwards, and then went in to the cultural hall to say hi/bye to the family. The picnic was a success.
  • Since we don't have air conditioning, and practically no insulation in the trailer, we went to Bakersfield and tried out a movie. We ran into Eliza, her kids, and her mom. We started watching "Night at the Museum, 2." We got some $5.00 popcorn and a $4.00 soda and that held over the kids for less than an hour. I left Will and Kacy in the theater while I ran out to get the food. Ed went with me, and Eliza offered to hold Jessie. While in line to get the food, a woman and a couple of young boys came up behind us and I wanted to cry because of the way she was talking to her kids. I feel like I'm a mean mom. I say no. I'll grab ya fast and drag you back to where you need to be if you can't get your own body under control. But I will never call my kid a horrible word that rhymes with maggot and ask him where his "mojo" is... and on and on with homosexual slurs and F-bombs all over the place. The kid couldn't have been older than 10, and didn't seem to appreciate the conversation. It seemed like he participated because there was nothing else to talk about. Icky. When Ed and I came back, Jessie was NOT happy. I was then one of "those people" with the crying kid in the theater. The movie had already started, we settled down, (even Jessie, who took a few minutes) and we ate popcorn and drank a soda that both Kacy and Will said was nasty. More people came in and sat behind us... and all I'll say about that is: Between them and Ed getting too, too wiggly and wandering, we left early.
  • I'm going to Girls' Camp next week and need something to wear. I went to storage to find my old Wranglers and to see how they fit. Everything seemed to alright there... but that's because everyone was in the car with seat belts on. I think I forgot my belt though...
  • I went to the Boot Barn to look at some pants and shirts, because I wanted to. Found some really cute, simple button up shirts... but that was it. I found them... and walked on by. I thought if I got the kids a little animal toy, they would sit on the floor and play quietly... instead they walked around the store using these really high-pitched pretend voices... "meee-ow, ruff-ruff, neigh... hey lets go look at these boots, meow!" Kacy tried to be helpful by picking out shirts full of sparkles! Whew! I tried to explain to her that my idea of pretty is something that is not shiny.
  • Didn't want to go home because of the heat, so we went to Del Taco and had dinner. They have an indoor play place, and the kids had a blast! We had dinner, played some more, and then made it home. Where it was 97* inside the trailer. Turned on the A/C where it ran for about 20 minutes before it tripped the breakers. It's now only 93*... can't wait for Ryan to get home and put in our other AC... yesterday we spent the afternoon/evening in my mom's pool.
I may need to get my head examined. It quite possibly is empty.


  1. Next time drop some kids off with me and then go to the theatre. You are a crazy woman. I WILL NOT go to the movies. I'd rather rent it/buy it and watch it at HOME where my popcorn costed just pennies and I don't have to think about who sat (farted) on the seat before I got there...let alone all the crap you go through with kids. But, seriously....I know I am a drive out here but it is worth the drive to save some sanity.

  2. I don't know about the theater but I know if anyone would have appreciated Pop Goes the Weasel during a memorial service it would have been Joe!