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Monday, July 6, 2009

Potty Training?

My name is Jessie, and I want to use the potty. Thank-you.

Jessie is 16 months old, as of last week. She is currently fascinated with the potty. She calls it "pah, pah." She takes off her diapers and brings me new ones. She has taken off clean diapers and gone properly on the toilet. Now, she is very young. I'm not going to stop her though- that would be dumb! What am I supposed to do? Tell her, "No, you wear diapers." I think not! It's really no wonder about the potty- we practically live in the bathroom. We travel just long enough to where we have to use the potty before we leave and when we get places. We crowd into the handicap stalls in restrooms (so cozy!). She is getting a first rate education in all things potty! I do have to say that putting her on the toilet every time she goes to the bathroom door saying "pah, pah" only to have her sit and smile and point at everything can be inconvenient. But short of duct-taping her diapers on, I don't really see an alternative. You go ahead an save me that monthly diaper expense, Jessie. I won't mind at all.


  1. No kidding, No lie, K was potty trained at 18 months. I worked part-time during the day and my mom and MIL both did the job. It was great! You go girl!!!

  2. I wish my 3 year old would want to potty trained. We have tried all kinds of bribery, he won't even sit on the darn thing. When I ask if he needs to go, he yells "No toilet!" He is such a stubborn little boy...they both have been. I want a little girl so bad, I hear they are easier, and maybe if she is potty trained early I won't feel like such a loser stay-at-home Mom!

  3. My 3 year old little girl isn't potty trained either! I have been trying for months but probably not as hard as I should be trying. My last bit of bribery is no TV unless you use the potty. I'm really hoping it works. But for now I just keep plenty of towels on hand for mopping up accidents. Hopefully Jessie isn't teasing you! :)