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Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Building We Will Go

Ryan holding one of our roofing panels on just to show me how it will look. Cool! Corrugated metal roof- it's amazing how many people say "Do you know how loud that is going to be in the rain?" Yes. Yes, we do. It's going to be laying on top of 30# felt paper, the roof sheathing, a 2 inch air gap, 8 inches of rigid foam insulation, and then some drywall and plaster. Plus, it rains how often here? And isn't the sound of rain cool anyway? Maybe they are thinking of standing in a shed or something... the corragation will allow for maximum air circulation and venting. It'll last forever, looks good when it's rusty (in my opinion, I'm probably a loner on that one), and was fairly inexpensive. We have a huge area of roof to cover.
Double fascia with detail. This is all Ryan, as he's the details man, and I'm more of a, "Do what? Oh, that's cool!" Wouldn't have even crossed my mind. But I love it. It just adds a little something to the house. Having this much control and responsibility over the building of your own house is both a blessing and a curse. We can decide to do whatever we want. We have to be the ones to do it, so if it comes out good, we did good! But, if it flops, it's all us. And, there are so many things to think about! It can be overwhelming at times. For example, when my sister and her husband were having a house built in a tract, they had to think about things like ceilings fans, carpet, tile, showers, appliance upgrades... we get to think about all of that, and inside the wall plumbing, air ducting, wiring, how to best duct the fireplace for maximum heat efficiency, water supply lines... Ryan is the one thinking about most of these things. I only think about them when I have too- like when he's trying to get a count on something, or there are decisions to be made.
More little somethings- on the gable ends Ryan made these cornices. A type of diamond shape on top, and a little strip thing on the bottom. Board and batten siding will soon cover the Lowe's house wrap. On the gables with window (which are the front and back) the bottom detail will be a little different. It's a surprise for now, I think. The "Colton is a dork" is a sign of fraternal brotherhood... Ryan had a high schooler come out for the week to help him. It made a funny reading lesson for Kacy. She started cracking up when she figured out what it said.

We are coming up on "celebrating" four years living in the fifth wheel. I'm okay with that. It's hit the point to where it's funny. Right now my biggest trailer dilemma is whether or not to put all the Lego's away for a long time... they get spread out all over the place. We don't have a big "place", so they are constantly being stepped on- in the kitchen, in my bedroom, in the living area, and in the kids' room. It is ridiculous. But I love the Lego's for child development reasons... I think they are gonna go though. Just for a month.


  1. Karrie, you and Ryan are AMAZING!!! I love the house. I love the little details that make it extra awesome. I love watching the whole process. I love, LOVE seeing how talented you both are.

    Thanks for sharing house pictures.

  2. How exciting to see all the progress! BTW, the Mustache party is HILARIOUS!!