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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Minus the Heat and the Feline

I'm not sure how these guys feel about having their picture on the blog... so I won't put their names! They are helping put the roof on our house, and a handy-dandy tip we got from Jim Hurley was to pre-drill the holes that the screws go into. So they did.

Here are the brother-in-laws... these guys married our sisters. They both have blogs, so I can name them! Michael and Oscar are up here helping out. Yay! Very cool of them- they are both good workers, smart, and can don't mind being told what to do. I tell them to jump, and they ask me, "How high?" Actually, the ask me, "Where's the food?" and "Did you know we are out of Fresca Black Cherry soda?" Not really. Can't wait to have these guys up here with their bazillion children and their wives so I can get some socialization... but, we need a house first. And to that I say, "Thanks for helping in my quest for a home! Let's BBQ next Spring!"

Also see how the felt paper looks dirty? Not so happy story there... we had a bit of a wind storm and it blew off a days worth of work... it was bad. But they got it all repaired pretty fast this morning!
According to Ryan, the tin goes on pretty easily. But, it takes some time, especially if you want everything to be all symmetrical/in line/not crooked. The tin is held on with these screws with squishy washers- we ordered them from Lowe's. Home Depot probably had them, too, but the car wash is by Lowe's, so while the truck was getting cleaned, they were ordered there.

The weather has been perfect today. It's about 85*, and overcast. That makes it easier to handle the tin. Could you imagine touching those panels if it is blazing sun and 105*? Ouch.
The corbels were put up the other day. I love them. So far, they are one of my favorite details on the house. Granted, we don't have many details, but dang- they look good!


  1. things are looking good. nice design. ~ John

  2. Can't wait to be invited up once it's done. Ok, I can come help hammer in some nails or paint some walls - going out on a limb and offering Brandon's services:0
    However, the real reason for my comment is to tell you that Elyse could not stop talking about Kacy the whole drive home. She wants her to come over and play, she wants to call her to make arrangements - she doesn't understand you're not around the corner or up the street. Anyway - Elyse LOVED playing with Kacy

  3. Today was 130 on the roof... it was HOT! On the bright side, I'm nice and tan!