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Friday, August 7, 2009

The Chimney Rocks!

The chimney was the main focus on the house today. Ryan, Oscar, and Ammon R. worked hard today. After staining/oiling the fascia, they got to work putting the stone on the chimney. After the chimney is finished, I believe the next step is a drip flashing around any horizontal fascia, and then... duh-duh-dun.... the roof!

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  1. Um, are you getting so excited something else happens on the house?! I'm anxious just looking at the pics. And I LOVE the tin roof thing. I mean I'd love that fancy copper business, but who are we kidding. One look at the price tag and I'd do what you're doin. Heck I'd want to move in once the roof was done, but that's because I have zero patience:)