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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ed's Broken Heart

Ed is not liking staying home with me. This morning we took Kacy and Will to the bus stop. He cried for his back pack. We couldn't find it (it's the monkey part of his monkey back pack-leash). He tried to get on the bus with them, and when I held him back, he just collapsed on the ground, sobbing. He was so upset- I got teary eyed with him. He desperately wants to go with the kids. I let him cry it out for a good five minutes, and then suggested maybe we could go back to the trailer and have school at home. "We can find you your back pack, get some homework... we'll have our own school!" Still crying, he says "No, Mom. That won't work. That's not real school. Well, I guess. I guess that will be okay."
"Maybe there will be preschool next year, then you can go to school. But if there is, I'll probably be the teacher. Then you can go to school with me!"
"No, Mom. I go to school all by myself, and you stay here and wait for me at the bus stop. That's better."
We walked back to the trailer, with him still catching his breath and kicking rocks,looking dejected. I'm not sure what to do about this, I'd put him in preschool a few days a week if there was one, but I'm not driving a half hour one way to get him there. I already have 41,000 miles on my one year old car... I'm sure he'll be fine in a week or so. I hope.


  1. Last year it took Jared a couple of weeks....but he was fine. Once he figured out he could play with all there toys and pick his own TV shows. This year....he didn't complain once and I am still in shock waiting for it.

  2. He will get used to it. Then there will be something else the older kids get to do and he doesn't... Poor guy! He will figure out all the perks to being the oldest one home soon. The preschool situation stinks!

  3. My little guy had a broken heart this week too. He wanted to go so bad. On Saturday we were all sitting at the table eating breakfast and he looks around and says, "Everyone gets to stay home with me today!" It was pretty cute.

  4. Ben and Ginny are doing the same thing. I'm thinking of hosting a "school" themed playgroup next week just for them

  5. Poor Ed. I think it's sweet that he wants to go to school. But I agree with Jocelyn, I bet he'll love the freedom.

    P.S. oH mY gOsH...YOU DRIVE A LOT!