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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fixing George

George has been having a terrible time escaping. He digs out and has found some really nice neighbors he likes to go to... it's getting old. So, we got him fixed. I explained what this meant to the kids using cows, steers, bulls... and then I resorted to telling them that on boy animals, you can do surgery to take off some boy parts so he can't make babies, and so he'll be more calm. The entire vet's office was amazed at how fit he was- he weighs a lean 96 pounds. I told them maybe it's because we go running, and Ryan thinks it's also because we only feed him dry dog food and not table scraps or wet dog food.

On the way home from picking him up, he sat down in the car without being told. (He was still drowsy...) Kacy says, "Hey Mom! He sat without being told! He got smart- maybe they fixed that, too!"

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