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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


  • We got the oil changed in the car. They diagnosed my check engine light that came on this morning as an improper gas cap application. READ: "Somebody" didn't screw the cap on the right way the other night after he out gas in my car. I'm just glad it wasn't something worse, and that "he" pumped the gas.
  • We went to the cheap fabric store. Nightmare with the tactile children and "Is it okay if we hide in the rolls of fabric? It's so much fun!"
  • We went to Sears. We got to ride the escalators, and that was a pee-in-your-pants, wish-I-had-a-video-camera moment, watching Will dismount. And hand on for dear life. And listening to my kids talk loudly about what cool things they are. And "Yes, they are all mine." Repeat. Now, I do have to day that the older three are getting very close in size. Kacy and Will are an inch apart, and Ed is not too far behind... imagine the teen years! Anyway, was told that it would cost a minimum of $375 and a maximum of $550 and three to six months to repair it... it's old, and apparently, they don't make 'em like they use to.
  • We stopped at Auntie Anne's pretzel place for lunch... it was gross. The bottom of the pretzels tasted like chemicals... maybe an industrial strength cooking spray? The kids said they were gross, I tasted and it WAS gross. I tried to peel the bottoms off all four pretzels... what a waste of money.
  • We stopped at Taco Bell for lunch. Drive through. $4.93
  • We went to park while waiting for dentist office to return from lunch.
  • We went to dentist's office so he could sign Will's Kindergarten dental screening paper that I forgot to take with me last week.
  • We went to my parent's house to get coupons and to show my mom how to upload CD's and put them on her new MP3 player.
  • We went to Target so the kids could go to the dollar spot.
  • We went to Costco so we could tomorrow. And, the next day. And, the day after that. I wish I had a full size fridge and some counter space.
  • Ryan stained all the siding on the gables and laid some felt paper down. (The black paper that is under the actual roofing material.


  1. next time go to wetzel pretzel there way better.

  2. And now take a deep breath. Roof stuff, that is exciting!