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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Day is Just Not Complete...

...until you see Ryan kick a chicken across the yard. Here's why:

Yesterday went like this for me-

  1. While getting ready for church, Ed finger painted on the wall with peanut butter.
  2. While getting ready to walk out the door, I find that Jessie has found a green marker. Her teeth are green, she has green marks ALL OVER her face and into her ear. She keeps pointing to her ear to let me know it needs to be cleaned. Meanwhile, the other kids are waiting in the car. This makes us 10 minutes later than I needed to be...
  3. Get to church and set up chairs and activity, and start the Cub Committee Meeting. That seemed to go fine, except I felt like we were rushed the whole time and my brain wasn't quite where it should be.
  4. Go to the chapel and sit down, and try to keep Ed quiet. Sit there until it's time for me to speak. The Bushlings sat behind me, and Marcie and Kenny took care of the kids while I spoke. When I got back to the bench, all the kids except the babies were with Kenny- we let it stay that way and Marcie and I enjoyed the rest of the meeting! A picture would have been good!
  5. Go to Primary and do the sharing time. Whew!
  6. Go to grandma and grandpa Bunting's house. Watch crazy next door neighbor come out with a flyswatter towards Ed, who was tossing apples on the ground to the horses. Crazy lady looked like she was going to hit Ed with the flyswatter. For reals. Instead, she hits her dog with it after he started nipping the horses heels. She maintains that eating too many apples will make her horses sick. She doesn't tell the horses this, of course, as they eat at least half the apples off the trees themselves.
  7. Hear Jessie crying/screaming and turn around to see Ryan drop kicking a rooster across the yard. He had fine soccer form... he turned around and got another one. Jessie had followed the guys out back and two roosters started attacking her. She was on the ground screaming... she suffered a pecked finger and a slight bloody nose. And, she probably developed a healthy respect for fowl. I bet we have "chicken" for dinner next week!
Honestly, yesterday was one for the books. This book. Today I'm going to live a calm life, trying to figure out why an external hard drive is not working, and folding some laundry. The weather is cool (I have a sweatshirt on! I love it!) and cousin David installed Photoshop Elements of my new netbook for me yesterday. The netbook doesn't have a disc drive, so I couldn't do it myself. The external hardrive I have is Ryan's, and he says he doesn't use it. It's making a clicking noise and not being recognized by my computers. (Yes, I have two- my new one, and the reason for my new one- my old trusty laptop that is dying. I want to get all the info off of it before it dies completely!) So, some computer stuff, laundry, and I may even make some veggie soup! Sounds like a great day!


  1. Brandon mentioned your crazy morning - however he said you did a great job on your talk!!

  2. We love listening to you speak. You could do it every week and I would be happy! Sorry about the rest of the day, and I'm sorry I abandoned my class during sharing time (I was driving Caleb home to leave with the other sick child).

  3. drop kicking a rooster... I would like to see that. (sorry to the animal activists, but it was in defense of his poor helpless child)

  4. Kenny and I just laughed and laughed when we read about Ryan!! Your family is the funniest.