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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In Honor of School Picture Day

He thought he looked cool.
She posed herself, and the pink cheetah print and fuzzy hair aside, she looks great! She said "Oh! You can even see my earring!"
She was having fun throwing straw in the air.
It could be worse... this could be a full body shot. He's wearing pink boots. And he's usually so photogenic. He's dirty, got a scraped up face and two swollen eyebrows. Yesterday he fell on his face on some wood at playgroup, and today he tripped on some diapers that someone drug out and hit his OTHER eyebrow on the wooden bed frame. But you can't really tell because of his out of control hair.

(If you are my family members reading this, I am going to actually print some of these. I need to redo the boys, but let me know if you want hard copies! I am not ordering school pictures this year. I found Kacy's from last year, untouched, uncut, and a bit expensive. So, Costco it is!)

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  1. I NEVER buy school pictures anymore. It's such a rip off when the pictures are lame and never seem to turn out good.

    I love these pictures of your kids because they capture their personalities. Your kids are so cute and I LOVE their rosy cheeks!