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Monday, September 21, 2009

Lazy with My Camera!

I have no new pictures. Funny how once you have a blog you feel obligated to photograph every event. I have come to terms with that obligation and kicked it lovingly out the window.

A few happenings:
  • Last week Will finished all his homework on Monday. For the entire week. Because it was fun. This might never happen again, hence the documentation.
  • Ed went to pre-K again, as is the Thursday custom. This time I was ready for it, and I stayed longer with him, while he kicked and screamed in my lap. As soon as the opening stuff was finished, his teacher, Miss Chrystal, said "Ed, do you want to sit up here by me?" and Ed was off and sitting next to his cute teacher and ready for me to leave. I'm beginning to think he doesn't like kids. Just a hunch. Based on observations... he's a little caveman and I'm working on him, okay?
  • I got my hair cut and then I colored it too! Carrianne cut it for me, and I will forever go to her as long as she'll have me, because the girl can cut layers into my hair without it being chunky. It's a serious talent that the last four hair people I went to didn't have. I do better than they did, and that's not very encouraging. She did great. I love it. It's short, for me~ shoulder length with layers. It looks a lot more healthy. My hair has changed so much, and I can only attribute it to having babies. My hair is LOTS less curly than it used to be. I''ll post pictures to prove it. But then that would mean dredging up the "ugly" years... I'll get over it. As for the color I mentioned, I used a semi-permanent brown to "warm it up" a little, and to cover a few gray hairs I have. It's a little darker than I anticipated, but not horrible. It'll fade a little after a few shampoo sessions. I wanted a color no one would outright notice, just a subtle "Did she get a tan? Or change her lip gloss?" Which only applies on Sundays, because I usually wear chapstick. But still. Now my hair matches my sisters' for sure!
  • My Thursdays in Bakersfield aren't working out the way I had hoped. I have a list of people I need to see, and only have time to see one a week. I'll work on this. I do like being able to grocery shop in the big city to save on my food budget. And oh, I can't wait to have a house with an oven! And counter space. Here's the realization I had not too long ago. Some have suggested I get a roaster oven. They can fit a 9x13 pan in there. But then it hit me: in order to assemble ingredients into said pan, requires some prep space. So, after the pan in sitting on my counter, I have zero inches left on which to work... hence the handy dandy one pot meals and microwave goodness we currently dine on. My kids are still growing, and they are neither over or under-weight. But I do miss me some homemade cookies. And brownies. And to be able to pull a pre-assembled casserole out of the freezer and put it into an oven... heck, to be able to put food on a table! That's living high on the hog right there, and if you can do that, you are high class!
  • Ryan is plugging away on the roof-still. It's almost done! The roofing, that is. Lazy with my camera, and no pictures of it! I should do that though...
  • Jessie is in a big girl bed now! We took down the crib and put it in storage. I've talked to others who have a hard time with this step in their lives, but for me, it feels just right! She is now sharing a bunk with Ed. So far, so good... Ryan asked me if I was ready to train her to sleep in a bed, and I replied, "I'm still training Ed!" Because I kinda, sorta am. He's a doozy, that one. He just loves his momma. A lot. So, he's a caveman with momma-lovin' issues? Sounds worse than it is. (But sometimes it's spot on!)
  • Thanks to my diligent study of all things Harry Potter, I get along swimmingly with our English neighbors. They even asked me, "You understand our accents?" and I do. They said most people get glassy eyed when they talk to them. So, when the sister who was visiting looked at my landscaping wagon and called it a "bonnie pram" I knew "spot-on" what she was talking about.
  • Last one- a certain sister-in-law, who shall rename nameless (JOCELYN) made and brought over some peanut butter fudge yesterday. In my world, combining peanut butter with fudgy qualities is just PERFECT. It was heavy on the PB. L-O-V-E-D it. I'll take a vat of that and a good book and be in heaven!

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  1. I've been super lazy with my camera lately too. I hate to get it out because I know that by doing so I am that much further behind on my kids' photo albums. Taking more pictures=more work for me later.

    Bad, huh?

    I want to see a picture of your hair though! I'm sure it look great! I need a Carrianne around here!