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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rat Butt, and some other randon stuff

Ed is obsessed today with "rat butt." He told me he wanted to eat some for lunch. I questioned him, asking "You want to eat 'wrapper" for lunch?" (That's what is kinda of sounded like, and I was hoping for the best.)
"NOOOoooo. Rat butt."
"Yup!" And then he laughed hysterically and started dancing around singing "rat butt."

I have no idea where this came from. Probably his own twisted invention. But, I'm blaming cousin Jimmy! ;)

Right now Ed is eating popcorn, kernals and all. He wants to watch "Meet the Robinsons." I made him wait until Kacy and Will got home from school. He said he didn't want them coming home. He likes it when they are gone.

I asked Kacy how it was today with her substitute teacher. She told me that her sub didn't excuse the kids one by one to go line up for lunch, but rather row by row. I said, "Well, she's not your teacher and she will do some things her own way."
Kacy says, "That what SHE said!"
"You told the substitute that she was doing things wrong?!?"
Kacy was silent for a minute. Then she said, "Well, she was."

Will didn't want to wear a sweatshirt to school this morning, even though it was 48* ad windy. He cried. Then he went outside to walk to the bus stop and he said he needed a hooded sweatshirt because his head was cold. He cried again. He is so full of tears when he is tired!

Jessie is the first kid of mine that will repeat me when I say, "Can you say _____?" If it's a hard word, she just nods her head. Like the word "dinosaur." But other than that, she'll repeat! The rest of the kids would NEVER do that. They talked when they wanted to. The older kids think it's funny to try and get her to say words... it wouldn't surprise me if rat butt was tried out.


  1. I'm so glad C can't read or he'd be saying Rat Butt too!

  2. What a great post! I just walked outside this morning--it was COLD and I am so happy about it!! Your kids are the funniest.

  3. I don't have hardly anything to do with that...