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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Just last week I was saying that Jessie doesn't really talk very much. She has a few words, like ball, mom, dad. She nods her head yes. Today she was looking at a photo book of Kacy's and identified all the family members- "whoa", "ehhd", and a very throaty version of Kacy... I can't even begin to spell it. "Kcsheesee?" Close enough. And she says "cracker." Just like that.

I called Will's teacher to see how he was doing because he tells me he hates drawing because it's boring, and then everything else is just "good." His teacher reported that he does not like to color, but he does it anyway. (That's good!) He likes the math activities, and he is a typical boy, preferring the active parts of the day to the coloring part. She said he was really popular with the kids. The lady who answered the phone is also a play ground aide and she said he was doing great on the play ground and getting along with the kids. I was still a little worried about him going to school because I just wasn't sure how he'd do. I'm an advocate of keeping kids out of school a year if they need it, because I'd rather have a kid be a little tall for his/her age than struggle and grow to hate school. I sat on the fence with Will for a good two years about this because he was so slow to speak and emotionally immature. But he's grown up tons in the last 8 months or so. And, it sounds like he's doing great. Helping with his homework today he had to do some drawing things, and he CAN do it. He just needs some more fine motor skills practice. So, no more worries about him. She said he follows directions and pays attention- so he's all set! (The pros and cons of a degree in Child Development- I am constantly observing children, taking mental notes about their physical, cognitive, and emotional development. It makes me seem a little Type-A sometimes... but it's like it's just a part of me that won't quit. And then you have the playground supervisor part of me that wants to make sure everyone is safe and plays nice... I'm sure I drive people nuts!)

Ryan got called to be the second counselor in the Bishopric. Not sure how we feel about that... I feel a little young (even though I know I'm not... but I am.... but I'm not.... but...) and now I get to be a bench widow every Sunday. I'm not worried about it- I have lots of people who are willing to jump in my bench for me. Marcie B. just laughed and laughed (and laughed) when they announced it... her husband has been there, she's done that... seriously her shoulders were shaking for like five minutes. Stinker. I would have done the same though... it IS funny. The whole thing is just weird. So, ask me how I feel about it. Answer: "It's weird." The weirdest part was when people would congratulate me (or Ryan), like it was a position to be won. Our church is not a church of promotion, but of rotation. So Ryan has to sit on the stand now, but in a year he could be in the nursery with the babies... is one really MORE important that the other? Nope, just different. Some women felt sorry for me, but really, I'm not the first to have to sit by myself, nor will I be the last. I'm comfortable being independent (ask my mom...) and I'll do the best I can. There are women with lots more kids and less help than I have, so sitting in a bench by myself doesn't worry me. (I've done it a fair amount of times when Ryan has had to work late, or a holiday weekend, or was speaking.)

My cousin Caley is leaving for BYU-H soon. Not to be selfish, but there goes my temple baby-sitter! Whhaaaaaaa! She's going to have so much fun! I won't be able to visit her though, as I have this deathly fear of flying and leaving my children without a mother. Irrational, I know. But it's a thing I have. When they are all 18+ I'll be better about it. Maybe I could take them with me... better start saving the change in the bottom of my purse now!

Ed is going to start Preschool this week. Once a week, on Thursdays at a preschool I use to work for, Kendra worked for, and Karen still works for! They are fairly structured in the mornings and the women there are all very kind. He's excited, and I hope that it helps him to follow directions a little better. Yesterday in the grocery store, I was talking to the owner's wife (I think they own it- maybe the stare manager?) and I hear Ed say, "I tasted it! It's yummy!" and then I look up to see him licking a stalk of broccoli. (We then bought it.) At nap time I could hear him playing with toys, so I tell him to lay down and go to sleep. He tells me, "Just a minute Mom. I'm naked." Sure enough, he was without any clothes, laying there, playing with some Legos. He is SO excited to go to preschool.

Kacy has started giving me the silent treatment when she's mad at me. Good grief- she's only six. We had a talk (okay- it was a lecture) about how we are on the same team and I'm trying to help her be a good person and it's okay to have feelings and be mad at me but it's not okay to ignore me... aack! Baby girls are SO SWEET AND FUN AND ADORABLE AND MILD, and then BAM! They are girls! Just like me! Baby boys are so active and active and active and not listening and active! But I haven't observed them to stay mad at their moms. Ever. We'll see how my kids pan out...

Me... I'm not sure I have anything to say. I might try out another lens for my camera, a zoom lens. I'm watching Ryan put up our roof one tedious section at a time. I am looking forward to spending Thursdays in Bakersfield to do some food shopping, and maybe, just maybe, with one little girl in tow, I'll be able to do some shopping and look for bargains. Right now it's a grab n' go style of shopping- anything to get out of there faster. I'm going to be able to visit family and friends! And feel relaxed about it! (Ed!!!) I'm having a difficult time running- it's dark in the mornings (starlight dark, and out in the middle of nowhere, that can be just scary) and then it's 100* in the afternoon. Evenings are out because Ryan is working... I'll work it out- I have to. It's been four years in the trailer. A full 48 months. We are definitely on the down hill slide. YAY! (BTW- I am a pretty decent speller, even though I don't always edit. But I cannot, for the life of me, spell "definitely" right, without spell checker. And I use it a lot. "Necessary" is another one.


  1. On the bench by yourself isn't too bad. I have done it for 2 years now. Right now I am having the hardest time I have ever had because the youngest doesn't like to be cooped in but it will get easier.
    I too felt too young. But I heard a quote by Marjorie that made me feel so good. She said NEVER complain about the meetings/things your husband has to do. Always stay possitive and your family will be blessed. She said she would tell her children ..."whoopie dads gone, lets order pizza!"

  2. I think people say congratulations because it would be rude to laugh and say glad it's not us! I'm not saying Marcie was rude to laugh, thats different. When my dad was in the bishopbric the Bishop told my mom to sit as near the front as possible that way they could give us kids "a look" if we needed it. Of course there were seven of us and we probably really needed it.
    Sorry about the "silent" treatment if it makes you feel any better one of my boys is pretty good at it!

  3. It might have been a little rude to laugh and laugh but I really couldn't help myself. One, I can't believe it happend to you just when you got him unbusy at church. Two, cuz I have been there and done that and you really have to laugh or you will cry. The harder I laugh the harder i would cry. I will for sure help you and try really hard not to laugh doing it. ha ha