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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Truth About Ed

Ed just gave me a hug and said, "Mom, I love you." (How sweet!)
I reply, "I love you, too Ed. I just want you to be a good boy."
Still hugging me, he says "Alright Mom. Maybe later."
"Ya, I'll be good later."


  1. I know that Grant and I will have that conversation shortly! Just when I am about ready to shed a tear or question my parenting skills while dealing with Grant - he shoots me a look with his big brown eyes and adorable smile with chubby cheeks and I melt. I am reminded that he is mine and I love him!!

  2. Sounds like he is just trying to procrastinate a little.

  3. As I quiet regularly say "I love Ed!"

  4. Ed is so normal, he is just giving you a run for your money.