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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another Ed quote (He's full of it!)

As we are driving home from Bakersfield today, I say to Ed, " I'm so happy with you, Ed! You went to preschool without crying or throwing a fit! That's so good!"
He replies, "Don't be happy, Mom. Preschool is just stupid."
"What? It's stupid?" I had that "What the heck?!?" look on my face. Especially since he appeared to have had a great time.
"Ya, and you know the kids? They are stupid, too. The whole thing is stupid."

Being the best mom in the whole wide world (NOT!) I laughed, but so he couldn't hear me. Then I proceeded to lecture about how it's okay not to like something, but you shouldn't use the word "stupid." Even if it is.

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