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Friday, October 9, 2009


I am feeling the blahs. I have a plan to fix it, but it involves a tractor, and since I don't have the guts to just go out and fire up our John Deere all by myself, I will have to convince Ryan that he absolutely NEEDS to fix my track.

Jessie has been equal parts wonderful and awful. She has been screaming at me and wanting me to hold her. I'm sure it's because of her nasty nose. But when she's not yelling at me, she is happy! She looks gross right now. Still in her jammies, hair sticking up (and to her face), and snot running out of her nose. But, it's lazy Friday! She may stay that way. I could wipe her nose, but she prefers I leave her alone. It'll stop running once it all congeals inside her nostril.

We had another earthquake last night. It was mild, but still shook the trailer. The good thing about the trailer is that it is made to go down the road- but still. I worry that if we had a big one, we might be injured by all the crap in the cupboards flying out. It is safe to say we are outgrowing this humble abode... we have lots more in the trailer now than when we first started. (Two additional children not counted!) There have been two that I have felt in less than a week. Last night's was funny- I was so tired, and was in bed, and I'm pretty sure I was almost asleep. The trailer was shaking in a direction it never does- almost diagonally. I thought, "That's weird. Another earthquake." And then I fell asleep.

Yesterday Ed and I fought over whether he could take a water gun to preschool. You can guess who had which position. Then, when we get there, he insists that I stay in the car and he takes himself in. On a positive note, Ed went in without any problems, and Jessie left without any problems. Yay! Improvement! So glad... maybe by January he'll be even better- like sitting down for his crafts and group work!

After we dropped him off, Jessie and I went shopping. I tried on 9 pairs of jeans. I bought zero pairs. They were all a disaster, except for one pair. But that one pair wasn't the style I was looking for. I currently own one pair of jeans, having finally wore my others out. I own jeans for at least five years, and I wear them all for seasons, at least three to four times a week. I get my money's worth, especially when they are free!!!! (I love hand-me-downs!) I'm not sure if it was the naivete on my part concerning my size, or if I just chose the wrong style for my body. For example, I pick up a pair of "misses" jeans that had a waist. Not high-waisted, just not "low-rise." Mid rise? Guess what? I was reminded once again that I DO NOT HAVE A WAIST. And, not only do I not have a waist, I now have hips! Blaming that one on my kids. A pair of Jr. Levi's fit alright... but they were a little tight on my knees. I don't have fat knees. But, I have claustrophobic knees. I'm a weirdo.

I hate shopping.

Except at the Goodwill, where they organize their shirts BY COLOR! That is so awesome! I wish every store did that.


  1. You might have Jessie's ears looked at, if she has that much mucos she might have a little infection that's causing her to be so clingy.

    Yeah for Ed wanting to go into school by himself! As long as he wasn't planning on walking right on pass the door and out the back gate.

    Jeans shopping-BLAHK! I'd rather poke needles in my eye!

  2. Ok, Karrie. You have gotta pull it together! If you were going to be in town this week I would totally take you to lunch and we could talk about running and what you need to do!

    Hang in there!