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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Camera Stuff

Ryan looks like a mad scientist! Today he got a call from cousin David about a "good deal on Craigslist" for some camera stuff. It mentioned a medium format camera. Ryan and Jimmy are interested in these types of cameras, so Ryan goes and checks it out. He offers the guy $200 dollars for a Mamiya medium format camera, an enlarger, some cases, a tripod dolly and what looks to be this camera. He gets it home, looks it all over, and then does some research on the Internet. The tripod dolly alone is worth $250.00. This large format camera (hey non-camera people- it doesn't take any batteries, and the film is like 4inches by 5inches. Crazy! And you basically have to know how to develop it yourself... good thing Ryan knows!) came with the lens... the lens is worth $3500.00. Not that we'll part with it... Ryan has always mentioned he'd like to have this style of camera. He's using a towel for the hood- he needs a sweet velvet cape thing to make it all cool. It also needs a tripod designed for some weight.

In other camera news, I finally bought myself some lenses. Two- a 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 with a macro feature, and a 50mm f/1.8. I am happy with the purchase and can't wait to practice taking (and printing!) some pictures. It's a hobby I'd like to get better at. I'm no pro, by any means, and the lenses I bought are not pro level. They were fairly inexpensive as far as lenses go, which is good! We'll see what I can do. So, watch out- if I am around you, I will be wearing my camera and practicing on you. Brush your teeth, get the eye crusties out, and smile!


  1. How cool! I'm a little jealous. I would LOVE a new lens for my camera but I'm so untalented when it comes to taking pictures it would probably just be a waste! Can't wait to see some cool pictures you take!

  2. I am wanting a new lens for my camera too! It is so hard at Jacob's soccer events to be so far away and not get any good close ups! I want the 18-270mm Macro Zoom with image stabilizer and the 17-85mm...both are around $500, so I don't think I will be getting them anytime soon! Have fun with your new lens. I have the 50mm and I rarely use it, probably because I have to walk around with it because you are the zoom!