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Thursday, October 15, 2009

If you want to ruin my day...

Make me go jeans shopping.

I think I'd rather have a fingernail pulled off.

Six more pairs tried on.

Zero bought.

It would help if there was some standard sizing going on. I have a 4 size range. That's not right.

And, to make it worse, I can't decide if I should go run 10 miles or have ice-cream. And lots of it.


  1. I hate shopping for jeans also. I'm 5'2" and it seems like the petite jeans are too long. And I'm still hoping to lose about 20 more post pregnancy pounds so the thought of spending more than 20 bucks for a pair of jeans I'm only going to wear for about four months (wishful thinking) doesn't thrill me. I did find a pair at JCPenney the other day that fit in my 20 dollar budget. Good luck!

  2. Oh my goodness! I feel your pain sister!! I wanted a pair of jeans today, too, so I went to look. I'm short and "stalky" (lol) so trying to find something that fits is impossible. Couldn't find hardly any short jeans and the ones I could find didn't fit in the butt. Hello?! Do normal people not have butts or what? I put them on and they look and feel fine in the front and then you turn around and have a 4 inch gap between the jeans and your back. Ugh! I left very disgusted!

  3. The only success I have had is the Wranglers I got from the Boot Barn (very expensive) ...

  4. ok, you were the one who told me about the web site that told you what brand to buy... it worked for me, but the bad news is I guess big booty girls only fit in REALLY expensive jeans.

  5. The answer to that would be... sweats, and you will still look better than 99.9% of the people up here. I just gave away my favorite jeans and I know I can't afford to go buy them in a bigger size. I miss the days when I could grab something off the rack and buy it without trying it on. Good luck.

  6. Yes, Dany, someone told me that for the "booty" problem, try Lucky jeans. LOL As if! If they cost more than $20/25, they cost too much. What is this website you guys are talking about anyway?

  7. Michelle-
    I can't remember the website. It was one where you answer questions about how jeans fit you and what you like, and then it gives you a list of pants to try. I'm tempted to try on some new expensive jeans. When I do a cost analysis of my jeans, I tend to wear them for four+ years, averaging three times a week. That is 144 times a year (I generally own two pairs of jeans... three might be nice though.) So, a $100 pair of pants (ouch!) end up costing me $0.17 every time I wear them. But that's only if I continue my pattern of jeans wearing. I'd go so far as averaging 50 cents each time I wore a pair of jeans... so long as they looked good! That gives me about $250 to spend. A hefty amount for jeans at the beginning, but really not so bad for the lifespan I get out of them. HOWEVER, TJMaxx tends to be a decent place to get expensive jeans cheap, and my shopping friend likes Loemans (sp?) down in LA.

  8. ice cream WITH all those little toppings. Did you already try those ones at costco? I bought the biggest size thinking they wouldn't fit... they did! And they fit my sister and she thought they wouldn't fit her either. Good luck. I hate shopping.