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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Let's Add Sleep Deprivation to the Mix, Just for Kicks

Saturday night we had horrible wind. It rocked the trailer all night long. That started my lack of sleep... the kids didn't help either. Kacy has wet the bed twice in less than a week (she also came home Friday with different clothes on because she waited too long to use the bathroom...). On Friday night, Ed wet the bed, and then Jessie's diaper leaked all over the top bunk. I washed all the sheets and blankets on Saturday, and then Kacy pees on the bed that night. Ed wakes up to use the bathroom. He still needs help with the process, so that means I get up, too. Sunday night was no better, as I suffered from crazy sugar induced dreams (and a headache), as did my children. Well, not Will. He sleeps through everything. But everyone else had problems. Last night was no different- Kacy had a bad dream, Ed had to use the bathroom, then Kacy had to use the bathroom.

ANYWAY, the last three nights have been ridiculous, and I'm blaming THAT as the reason I salted dinner twice by mistake. Yuck. I salted plain white rice because I thought I forgot to salt the poached chicken that went into the enchiladas. I didn't. One or the other needs a little salt. But both? I think I dehydrated the whole family with tonight's dinner. Very disappointing.

Here's hoping for a solid 7 or 8 hours. Every woman with a kid knows that short naps strung through the night do not constitute a full night's rest.

In other news, I struck up a deal with my friend Dani. She's going to watch my kids for two and a half-ish hours while I volunteer at the kids' school. In return, I'm going to bring her family dinner for that day. I got to go today and it was great! I love to see the kids in their rooms with their friends. Most of Kacy's class remembered me and came to talk to me. Will's teacher is giving me an assignment to make a digital book. Fun! I like to help because I like to spy on my kids and see how they interact with their peers, and because I figure that an hour of me doing the mundane chores is an hour the teacher can be doing some planning. Or relaxing. A relaxed teacher is a nice teacher.

PS- Jessie started saying "Yeths" today. That's awesome, and so cute! She sometimes says it very clearly, like "yes", and sometimes she sounds like Cindy Brady with "yeth."


  1. I haven't had a solid 7-8 hours of sleep for-how old is Jayda-two years. Naps are good!

  2. We all LOVED dinner, and I had so much fun with the kids. Jessie loved my bears and the bug on one of their noses.