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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Photo Shoot- Unedited Pics-There's Lots!

My composition is just a teeny bit off. A little cropping might do the trick.
The kids were given feelings to show. Kacy shouted out "Scared!" and this is what we got.

I think Kacy said "Chicken!" I had to explain to her that was not an emotion, but rather, an animal. She said, "I know. I just wanted to see what he'd do."

This reminds me of a teen magazine or something. Her idea.

Itchy nose. She was not exactly keen on having her picture taken.

See? Will took her sippy cup away for about 2 seconds.

Cheese! And, "I'm not sick Mom!"
Cropping is in order.
Blurry. Too bad- this could've been a keeper.

"Ed! Where are you going?"

It was fun to play with my kids and camera. When someone gets me an X-Large Diet Pepsi and a bag full of Milky Way bars, I'll attempt a group shot. This week I'll play with editing some of them to see if I can crop my way to the perfect picture, or fix the exposure a little. (Don't worry Grandmas, now that I have a good one of all four, I'll be ordering some. The ones on here are low resolution, which means they'll most likely be blurry if you order prints.)

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  1. Those are cutest pictures I love the ones of Kacy a little sassy there love it !!!! Beter then Sears thats for sure